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Female body, abdominal pain

Unknown friend

You can talk about irritable bowel syndrome,If the "rule of three" is fulfilled, that is: at least three times a week (as a rule, in the mornings) during the last three months one of three variants of discomfort arises:

• bloating, which, after emptying, passes;

• mild disorder (similar to diarrhea), which stops after a visit to the toilet;

• irregular (two to three times a week) stool, a feeling of swelling and heaviness; But the discomfort disappears immediately after emptying.

The way to ease

Fortunately, it is quite possible to get rid ofUnpleasant sensations in the abdomen. For this it is necessary to achieve mental balance. It is so important that some forms of the syndrome are treated solely with antidepressants and sedatives. It is impossible to cure IBS without patient involvement. After all, while a person does not resolve mental torment, will not find their source, remove irritable bowel syndrome is simply impossible.

Tranquility is the first cure for ailment

Provide an irritated bowel food,Which he will digest without stress. Each form of the syndrome of abdominal pain has its own testimony: when swelling is necessary to exclude from the diet sugar, baking; White bread, pasta, refined cereals. These foods cause fermentation in the stomach and intensify flatulence; If you are addicted to diarrhea, you should eat oatmeal, rice, boiled meat and low-fat cottage cheese. They absorb excess fluid and eliminate the disorder; With constipation, you need to increase the amount of fiber. Its main sources are vegetables and whole grains of porridge. To conduct drug therapy. In absentia, nothing can be recommended, since for each form of the syndrome there are certain drugs. Do not be afraid of drugs: in the treatment most often used medicines that do not cause addiction and side effects. For example, in disorders prescribed probiotics, normalizing the state of the intestinal microflora. With constipation, mildly stimulating the peristalsis of the intestine means. And the doctor will never recommend direct laxative drugs or herbs - they are too aggressive and will only aggravate the problem. Most often used drugs-sources of additional fiber and pectin.

Red flag

It is very important not to confuse SRK with the beginning of moreSerious ailments. In the world practice a list of "symptoms of red flags" was adopted. So, this is not irritable bowel syndrome, if: pain and discomfort occur at night; The problem starts to worry after 50 years; There are parallel manifestations, for example, blood in the stool; The next of kin have a history of oncological diseases, for example, colon cancer; If the pain is strong and continuous. They do not just arise and pass, but worry and prevent living. All these are alarming beacons, which simply oblige a person to consult a doctor.

Eat more beets, eatDiuretics, and your intestines will always work fine. Otherwise, you will be constantly disturbed by indigestion and intestinal colic. To prevent this from happening, one should lead a normal lifestyle, eat quality foods and know the extent to which fried and too spicy food is used. Listen to our advice!

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