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Physiology - female sex hormones

Follicle-stimulating hormone (fsg)

One of the main characters that regulate the processThe growth of the follicle (ovule) in the ovary and the formation of estrogen, which activates the growth of the endometrium in the uterus (internal mucosa, it is also the cradle of the embryo). According to scientists from Melbourne University, FS-Hormone is able to increase the level of estrogen, which increases blood flow to the brain, improving its performance, and positively affect the mood. In addition, he protects women from mental disorders and hallucinations.

Estradiol (estrogen)

Affects the health of all female genital organs,Especially on the condition of the mucous membrane of the uterus when preparing it for pregnancy. Provides the presence and regularity of menstruation, the development of the egg. After 24-36 hours after the highest peak of the estradiol catch ovulation. Then his level goes down. During menopause, the ovaries significantly reduce the production of estradiol, which leads to a final farewell to critical days. Estrogen improves memory. That's why women during the menopause often have difficulty remembering. This is explained simply: because of the extinction of the ovaries, the level of estrogen in the body decreases.

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The strength of the three

"I urge, I put in motion" - so translatesWith the Greek word "hormone". These substances release into the blood glands of internal secretion (endocrine glands, specialized cells of the nervous system). But the most valuable and fragile chain in a woman is the connection "hypothalamus-pituitary-ovaries". She is responsible for the ability to have children. If at least one of these links fails, the reproductive system can strike.

Luteinizing hormone

(LH) The first guarantor of final maturationOvum and ovulation. Provides secretion of female hormones of estrogens and progestins. During pregnancy, the concentration of LH is reduced. American physicians recently proved that an elevated level of this hormone in women can affect the auditory centers of the brain. Namely - to reduce hearing in elderly ladies.

Blood test for hormones

Essence: Blood from a vein leaves, then the doctor analyzes a level of those or other hormones taking into account a phase of a menstrual cycle. Helps to establish: the exact day of ovulation and determine the most optimal days for conception. Preparation: from 20:00 the previous day, eliminate fatty foods and any beverages, except water. A light supper (without alcohol) is allowed, sex (with few exceptions, which the doctor determines) is not forbidden. 3 days before taking blood, sports training should be avoided, and an hour before taking blood - smoking. Time: 5-7 minutes. Plus: an accurate definition of the hormonal background in figures. Less: for an adequate assessment of the level of hormones requires a minimum of four times the delivery of tests to exclude the errors of laboratories. Contra-indication: no.


Present in the body of all women, butFuture mothers - the highest level of this highly active substance. For this it is called the pregnancy hormone. And not in vain - he is responsible for bearing. Progesterone is produced by the placenta and yellow body - it is located in the ovary of a woman after the maturation of the egg. If this hormone is too low, it can provoke an abortion. The level of progesterone in the blood of the weaker sex rises sharply when we see newborns. According to some scientists, in the brain of the lady at the same time receives a signal, conditionally called "the shape of the baby."


Women and men do not develop sex hormonesOnly the sex glands, testes and ovaries, but also the adrenal cortex. In all these glands, both male and female sex hormones are synthesized, regardless of sex. Simply the representatives of the stronger sex in the testicles have more males, and the females in the ovaries have more female hormones. Sex hormones are synthesized from cholesterol. Without it, no man will take place either as a man or as a woman. So is it worth it to exclude from the diet products containing cholesterol? Both the lady and the gentlemen at the final stages of the sex hormone biosynthesis first secrete male (androgens), in the molecule of which 19 carbon atoms, then in a female body they turn into female sex hormones containing only 18 atoms. And here it is - the Biblical story: every lady creates his female beginning from the male.


It is more a male hormone, but in the female bodyHe also is - is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands. If the concentration of testosterone is higher than normal, this can lead to untimely ovulation and early miscarriage, as well as accelerated growth of hairs - not at all where we would like. Women who have been treated with testosterone improve their ability to read road maps. The level of this hormone decreases sharply in those who are excessively biased towards alcohol and cigarettes. Between the last meal and taking blood should pass at least 8, and ideally - 12 hours.

Causes of breakdowns

What violates the hormonal balance? Genetics, abortions, infections, stress, malnutrition, chronic fatigue, diseases of the endocrine system (kidneys, pancreas, thyroid gland and others). Here is a list of the main culprits of imbalance.


1) Lack of menstruation till 15 years and their irregularity from 17 years.

2) Threat of miscarriage (pain in the lower abdomen, spotting).

3) Poorly tolerated menopause (incontinence, sudden mood swings, tearfulness, back or heart pain, hot flashes).

4) Pronounced premenstrual syndrome (pain in the abdomen, swelling of the breast glands long before the menstrual period, irritability, increased anxiety).

5) Rashes on the skin.

6) Increased growth of hairs on the body, absent-mindedness, forgetfulness.

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