/ What are female inflammatory diseases?

What are the female inflammatory diseases?

What excites our women more often? Almost universally there is vulvitis. This is the most common disease. They are sick and adult women, and very young girls. It should be noted that inflammatory diseases account for more than 60% of all gynecological diseases. It is these diseases that lead to the violation of other vital organs. Infection comes from the environment. And the reasons for the appearance of the pathogen here are completely different. This is a violation of the rules of personal hygiene, sexual intercourse during sexual intercourse or the use of mechanical contraceptives, in the treatment of the uterus and the ascent of infection.

All female inflammatory diseases Are divided into two large groups of inflammatoryProcesses of nonspecific and specific origin. Nonspecific diseases are characterized by the defeat not only of the genital organs, but also of other tissues. And specific female diseases are characterized by the defeat of the purely organs of the reproductive system. They are caused by various fungi and microorganisms. Because of the development of antibiotics there are infections that are resistant to traditional methods of treatment. Therefore only a thorough diagnosis will determine the type of pathogen. What is inflammation?

Inflammation Is a protective reaction of the body to penetrationPathogenic microorganisms. The body is trying to get rid of the alien object. When inflammation changes occur in the genitals. In addition, the process affects the nervous, endocrine, vascular and some other body systems. This helps determine the type of disease.

Usually diseases of female genital organsAre divided depending on the organ that is affected: vulvitis - inflammation of the vulva, vulvovaginitis - inflammation of the vulva and vaginal mucosa; Colpitis - inflammation of the vaginal mucosa; Cervicitis - inflammation of the cervix and mucous channel of the cervix; Endometritis - inflammation of the uterus; Salpingitis - inflammation of the fallopian tubes; Inflammation of the ovaries.

When vulva affects large and small sexLips, pubis, clitoris, glands of the vestibule. This disease is the result of trauma or poor hygiene. Most often this disease occurs in girls. After all, they have a more tender skin, and women have more stable immunity. Provocateur vulvitis can be any infectious disease. In case of power failures and acute infections, vulvovaginitis occurs in girls aged 3-8 years. This disease is not excluded even in the old age, when the development of sex hormones is already stopped and the body is rather weak.

Inflammation of the uterus is very difficult. This disease occurs on the background of abortion, operations on the uterus or after intercourse during menstruation. Influenza, tonsillitis, typhoid and malaria are also related to provoking factors.

To prevent complications of all inflammatoryEarly diagnosis plays an important role. That is why the prophylactic examinations at the gynecologist are so important. They help in time to identify changes and appoint, if necessary, treatment.

What should alert? When there are discharge from the vagina, pain, with a menstrual cycle and the presence of sexual dysfunctions, you should urgently consult a doctor.

To prevent the appearance of secretions,Observe the rules of personal hygiene. During menstruation, avoid sexual contact and bathing in open water. It is necessary to adhere to the principles of rational nutrition. After all, the lack of certain elements in the body can lead to a malfunction and weakening of immunity. Random sex can lead to a violation of the vaginal microflora - and various inflammations.

The main sign of many inflammatoryDiseases is pain. It can be permanent or temporary and differ in localization. Under the influence of various factors, the pain intensifies or damps. Sometimes there is even a loss of ability to work.

And you know what kind of female inflammatoryDisease? Specific diseases include gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, viral diseases, fungal diseases, AIDS and some others. And now let us examine these diseases in more detail.

Gonorrhea is a venereal disease thatCause gonococci. It affects the genitals and often leads to infertility. Gonorrhea is cured completely, but with timely treatment. Self-medication does not give results, since drugs must be taken in a certain order and within a specific time frame.

Earlier distributed was syphilis. Most of the infections occur in the sexual way. And for domestic infections, only 5% of cases occur. With this disease, inflammation of the lymph nodes occurs. But they are not painful, so patients do not pay attention to such a trifle. And the disease becomes chronic. At the last stages, internal organs are destroyed. With timely access to specialists, syphilis is cured completely.

Trichomoniasis is also quite common. This is the most common infectious disease. It is transmitted sexually, but there are cases of domestic infection. With trichomoniasis, there are many lesions. It is characterized by discharge from the vagina. This disease has severe symptoms only in women, and in men it is asymptomatic. The source of re-infection is poorly cured men.

As you can see, it is very important to know what a woman's inflammatory disease is, than it is treated and the symptoms. Only a timely call to the doctor will save your health and life.

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