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Incompatibility of the mother and child by the Rh factor

In the event that there is incompatibility of the mother and child in the Rh factor, the formation of antiresus bodies may well begin in the body of a pregnant woman.

And there is no danger of incompatibilityRh factor of mother and child, if both mother and father are Rh-negative or if the mother has a positive Rh factor. Also, if the child inherits the genes of both parents simultaneously, then there is no Rhesus-conflict.

How is the incompatibility of the mother and child in the Rh factor?

In the body of a pregnant woman, as alreadyIt was said earlier, there is a Rhesus-conflict, as a result of which, in the maternal body, Rhesus antibodies are produced - peculiar protein compounds. In this case, the doctors put a woman diagnosed with rhesus-sensitization.

Rhesus antibodies can also appear in the body of a woman after an abortion, after an ectopic pregnancy, after the first birth.

Yet in most cases the first pregnancyIn a Rh-negative woman it proceeds without complications. If the first pregnancy is interrupted, the risk of developing Rh-sensitization during subsequent pregnancies increases. Moreover, this diagnosis is not harmful to a woman's body in any way. But, getting into the fetal bloodstream, Rhesus antibodies can destroy its erythrocytes, resulting in anemia of the newborn, disruption of the development of vital systems and organs of the child. Defeat of the fetus with Rh antibodies is called hemolytic disease. The most serious consequences of the incompatibility of the mother and child with the rezu factor are the birth of a child incapable of life. In more mild cases, the baby is born with jaundice or anemia.

Children born with signs of hemolytic disease need immediate medical attention - blood transfusion.

To avoid serious consequencesIncompatibility of a mother and a child by a Rh factor, you should first contact a women's consultation, where you will be referred for all necessary tests. If the results of the tests prove that you have a negative Rh factor, you will be put on special records and will regularly check for the presence of Rh antibodies in the blood. In case if antibodies are found, you will be given a checkup at special obstetric centers.

Now the hemolytic disease of the fetus is alreadyIn the early stages. The child is helped to survive in the mother's womb using intrauterine blood transfusion. Using ultrasound through the anterior abdominal wall of the woman, the fetus is poured through the vein into the umbilical cord to 50ml of donor red blood cells, so that the child normally develops until the end of pregnancy.

When a Rh-negative woman is bornA child with a positive Rh factor, in the first hours, intravenously injected with antiresus-gamma-globulin. With the help of this drug in the mother's body, the production of antibodies stops.

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