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How to exercise correctly to achieve weight loss

The desire of any woman to achieve harmony andSmartness is perfectly understandable and quite understandable - because everyone wants to look younger, prettier, more attractive for the opposite sex. Reducing weight by getting rid of "extra" kilograms will help achieve these goals. However, deciding to enroll in a sports club in order to achieve weight loss, you must even imagine how to perform physical exercises.

The best option for beginners will beAttendance of such trainings, which are conducted in an organized manner and under the supervision of an experienced specialist. In this case, you do not have to worry about how to properly organize all the stages of training and what kind of physical exercises should be performed. In addition, you can always contact the trainer for individual advice, pick up with it a rhythm of doing physical exercises, which will help you achieve a speedy reduction in weight.

If the section you visit is aA simple gym, in which you yourself choose the inventory to perform the necessary physical exercises, then you should follow some general rules. Conducting training to achieve weight loss involves the use of large numbers of repetitions in each approach. For the first classes, try to perform at least three approaches for each physical exercise. The weight you choose on the simulators should allow you to perform at least 12 - 15 repetitions in each approach. It is not necessary to chase large weights of cargo on simulators - this technique is more suitable for building up strength and muscle mass. And since your main task is to reduce body weight, then remember: the more repetitions of each exercise you can perform, the more fatty deposits you will be able to consume at the same time.

In subsequent training (as you increaseThe level of your physical fitness), try increasing the number of repetitions in each exercise to 20 - 25. This number of repetitions will be enough for the technique of training in order to achieve weight loss. If you perform exercises for the muscles of the abdominal (flexion-extension of the trunk, or, as it is more often called, "swing the torso"), then the number of repetitions should reach the maximum possible number for you, otherwise these muscles will not receive the proper load. In the event that you are very fatigued to perform a very large number of repetitions in this exercise (for example, more than fifty), then try to take a small load and hold it with your hands behind your head during flexion and extension of the trunk.

Total duration of exercise duringTraining for weight loss should not exceed 1 - 1.5 hours per day. Exceeding this time with intensive physical exertion can lead to overfatigue of the body and development of the state of overtraining.

In many sports halls there are scales, onWhich all interested persons can measure the mass of their body. However, if weighed before and after doing exercise, you find that your body weight has decreased, say, 300 grams, then you should not be too flattered. The lion's share of this amount will be the loss of water with intense sweating. This water will return to our body immediately after the first drunk glass of mineral water or juice. In fact, the weight reduction, which can be achieved in one workout, is, at best, several tens of grams. Therefore, for a constant weight loss effect, try to regularly attend training sessions and correctly perform all physical exercises.

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