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Recipes of traditional medicine for heartburn

Why does heartburn happen?

Gastric juice, affecting the mucosaEsophagus, and leads to the appearance of heartburn. The reason for this is the casting into the esophagus of the contents of the stomach due to the fact that the natural protection against such casting does not work.

Heartburn can be of a permanent nature, for example, with a hernia of the esophagus of the diaphragm. The cause of its appearance can be a strong cough, overeating, constipation and heavy physical activity.

Burning and sadness are often observed whenReflux-esophagitis. With this disease is also difficult passage of food through the esophagus, there may be pain behind the breastbone. In a lying position or when bending forward in a person, heartburn occurs.

With gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer is oftenThere is increased acidity, which leads to heartburn. In this disease often food is delayed in the stomach, there is vomiting and eructation. This leads to a throw in the esophagus of gastric juice, and as a result - the appearance of heartburn.

Not always heartburn appears in people sufferingDiseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It may be caused by taking medications (for example, aspirin), too harmful food that the stomach is not able to digest normally, or overeating. Often in such cases, heartburn is short-lived and quickly passes.

Very often heartburn occurs during pregnancy,If a woman has toxicosis with vomiting. Also in the second half of pregnancy, the uterus increases and begins to press on the stomach, which leads to throwing food into the esophagus from the stomach.

With regular and intense manifestations of heartburn, you should consult a doctor, as sometimes heartburn may indicate diseases of the nervous system, heart and blood vessels.

The most common cause of heartburn is the usualOvereating, eating carbohydrates or eating very spicy food. A greasy or overcooked dish, very sweet tea, freshly baked bread - the use of these foods can cause temporary heartburn. However, if you are concerned about nausea or eructation, you should consult your doctor.

Means for the treatment of heartburn

The main thing in the treatment of heartburn is to determine andGet rid of the cause of its appearance, that is, from the disease that caused it. If heartburn is temporary, you can fight it with medications - antacid preparations that protect the esophagus mucosa from the effects of gastric juice, enveloping it.

You can also use drugs that areCan neutralize the effect of gastric juice, reduce its acidity. Such preparations include maalox, phospholugel, renni and gastal. To reduce the production of gastric juice, you can use such drugs: omez, ranetin and omeprazole. Applying them, follow strictly to follow the instructions, because the misuse of these medicines can lead to negative consequences.

Folk recipes for heartburn

Many know that the most popular folkA solution for soda is a remedy for heartburn. However, frequent use of this solution can disrupt the water-salt balance in the body. In addition, this remedy only removes unpleasant sensations, and does not heal.

There are other effective ways to treat heartburn at home:

- a teaspoon of any vegetable oil - a very effective tool, it acts quickly and for a long time;

- sunflower seeds - if there are no other means at hand, the seeds will also help with heartburn;

- some warm milk;

- an apple or carrot;

- a mixture of carrot and potato juice in equal proportions - eating before eating is a means of preventing heartburn;

- A little root of ara, powdered and filled with water;

- infusion and decoction of herbs: St. John's wort, mint, dill, yarrow, chamomile, lobster.

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