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Methods and means of contraception after childbirth

Methods and means of contraception after childbirthVarious. The most common contraceptive is a condom. Condoms are easy to use and quite reliable. In addition, it is perhaps the most economical means of protection. Use this contraceptive is very simple - before the sexual act it is pulled on the male member. Unfortunately, sometimes a condom can fail - in the process of sexual intercourse, it can slip off the male member or simply become damaged. If this happened. Then you should treat the vagina after sexual contact with douching. It must be said that the constant use of a condom is unacceptable, since mechanical exposure to latex can lead to inflammation of the female genital organs. Also, one more disadvantage of the condom is that it does not allow sperm to enter the female body, which leads to a decrease in the sexual sensation of the male and is very unfavorable for the female body. If you use condoms, then try to alternate them with other methods and contraceptives after childbirth.

Another mechanical contraceptive afterRolls - female vaginal diaphragm. In fact, it is a rubber cap that does not allow sperm to penetrate the vagina. In appearance, the diaphragm looks like a rubber cup with a roller at the edges. Diaphragms can be different in size and shape. The size of the diaphragm can tell you your gynecologist. Use a diaphragm is not so difficult - before the sexual act it should be washed with soap, treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, the edges of the diaphragm are lubricated with the contraceptive paste. Then the diaphragm is inserted into the vagina with two fingers, following the instructions. Removing the diaphragm should be no later than 12 hours after sexual intercourse, after which it should be syringing the vagina with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Another type of contraception after childbirth is chemical. Chemical contraception means candles, tablets, pastes. The most popular contraceptive paste is gramicidinic, she is lubricated by the vagina before and after sexual intercourse. Very convenient candles and balls, which are introduced 20 minutes before sexual contact in the vagina. If you use such protective equipment, you need to consult a doctor.

Very effective method of contraception after childbirth- use of intrauterine devices, which inside the uterus is introduced only by a gynecologist. Such funds can remain in the uterus until 5 years. The reliability of such facilities reaches 98%.

A huge number of women now useHormonal contraceptives, which prevent the maturation of the egg. Hormonal contraceptives are tablets for oral administration. All contraceptive pills are taken only according to the doctor's prescription, which will select the appropriate ones, in accordance with your health.

If your sex life is irregular, you canTake the drug postinor, which is taken within a day after sexual intercourse. It is better not to use postinor more than once a month, since its frequent use provokes bleeding. The effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives is very high - up to 100%. But you can not take birth control pills during breastfeeding, so this method of contraception is suitable only for non-lactating women.

Now women older than 30 years with two andMore children, it is allowed to perform laparoscopic sterilization, at which an artificial obstruction of the fallopian tubes is created. But do not rush to make such an important and final step, because the means and methods of contraception after childbirth is quite a lot, suddenly you in a couple of years will want to give birth to another baby!

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