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Anorexia nervosa in mature women

Indeed, after marriage and birthMany women become much more concerned with family matters - raising children, preparing food, washing, cleaning, etc. Their appearance of women of mature age, as a rule, pay a little less attention until familiar or close people start jokingly say about the presence of their excess body weight. The solution to the problem of the appearance of "extra" kilograms largely depends on the psychoemotional stability of the fair sex. If the woman is emotionally balanced, then she will most likely take friendly remarks about her completeness quite painlessly and try to correct the situation correctly-more carefully plan her diet, limit the use of high-calorie foods, and increase her motor activity by attending training sessions in sports sections.

However, if a woman is very sensitive toRemarks from the side, then such statements can have a very negative impact on the state of her psyche. In this case, she may begin to develop nervous anorexia - a refusal to eat, due to a violation of the person's neuropsychic state. Reaching adulthood and noticing the appearance of excess weight, a woman begins to fear all sorts of unpleasant situations related to the state of her figure: loss of attractiveness for people of the opposite sex, fear of being abandoned by her husband, mockery of colleagues at work, etc. At the psychological level, aversion to food and the very process of food intake begins to develop. As a result of fasting, which occurs when anorexia nervosa occurs (which medical workers consider to be the most real and quite dangerous disease), a woman quickly loses weight, but not only fat deposits, but also muscle tissue. A woman quickly loses weight, while her body reaches an extreme degree of exhaustion, and without psychological and medical intervention, a fatal outcome may occur.

Help for mature women sufferingAnorexia nervosa, first of all, should consist in effective consultations by a medical psychologist (and even medical treatment may be required), creating a favorable psychological atmosphere and goodwill on the part of relatives and friends, and following the recommendations of a nutritionist. The main thing that all representatives of the nearest environment should make for a patient with anorexia nervosa is to let her know that the excess weight of a woman does not in any way affect her perception by other people.

And those women of mature age who are superfluousWorry about the state of their figure because they have "extra" kilograms, in no case should despair and depression (which will be serious prerequisites for the development of anorexia nervosa). It is best to carefully plan your diet in accordance with the recommendations of a dietitian and try to lead an active lifestyle - these are the main components of a successful fight against excess body weight. If you have a positive mood and cheerfulness of the spirit, you can not be afraid of the development of such a terrible disease, which is anorexia nervosa.

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