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Syndromes and symptoms of internal diseases

The forehead is the projection of the intestine. The lower part of the forehead is a small intestine, and the upper part is thick. The zone of the beginning of hair growth on the forehead is the projection of diseases of the bladder. Whiskey is a zone of the gallbladder. If his work is broken, then on the temples there are acne, redness and headache with localization in this area. Even yellowness of the face may appear in this area. If there was yellowing of the eyes, then this indicates an imbalance in the gallbladder, and there may even be acute complications.
Appearance of pimples and irritations between the eyebrowsSpeaks of a deviation in the activity of the liver. If there are chronic liver diseases, jaw joints can be broken, and the jaw joint on the left is the left side of the liver, the right one is the right one. The quality of vision may decrease, the eyes can become red.
The cheeks contain information about the work of the lungs. Accordingly, the right cheek is the right lung, the left cheek is the left lung. When there are organic disorders of the lungs on the cheeks, one can observe a vascular pattern or redness, which does not disappear. The wings of the nose are bronchi. If there is bronchitis, then there is redness, there are pimples, pores expand on the skin.
The tip of the nose is connected to the heart, and according to his conditionWe can judge about the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Sometimes violations of the heart are indicated by a red spot in the upper part on the left cheek. If the lips became blue, then the activity of the heart is broken and the blood circulation is upset. If the nasolabial triangle is blue, then this is a very dangerous signal, indicating a pre-infarcted condition, symbolizing heart failure, a possible defect of the cardiac septum.
The bridge is the zone showing the deviations inActivity of the stomach and pancreas. Visually around the eyes, you can determine the presence of kidney pathologies. Particular attention should be paid to puffiness, darkening, redness. Papillomas in this area speak of stagnant phenomena, for example, cyst formation, or its possible appearance. If in the eye area there are fatty plaques, then stagnant phenomena form sand or stones.
Nasolabial fold is the projection of the ureters. They originate near the lacrimal canal and terminate at the bottom of the chin, in the area of ​​the projection of the bladder. The chin reproduces the person's reproductive system, her condition and illnesses. In the female, inflammation and pimples in this area indicate abnormalities in the ovaries, and in men - prostatitis. In general, this zone corresponds to the pelvic area.
If the eye slits have different sizes, and there areA white band under the eyes or one eye, on the forehead of increased cold sweat, then this is a consequence of severe stress, which can disrupt the activity of internal organs. Sweating of the hands, axillary and inguinal areas may occur. If a person who looks at you, has a white strip above or under the eye's iris, then he has a prohibitive, very high stress state. He is not capable of controlling his emotions and actions. Such a person is unpredictable, from him everything can be expected, right up to murder and suicide. Long stay in such a state is fraught with a strong disruption in the work of internal organs, because the body and psyche make up an inseparable whole.
The person's eyes show his mentalCondition and physical diseases. Increased tears during the transition from warm to cold premises speaks for a lack of potassium, excessive tearfulness speaks of nervousness and a syndrome of spleen disease.

Thus, by state and appearanceWe have the right to sound an alarm and call a doctor for examination. Especially it needs to be done if the syndromes and symptoms of diseases you feel and in its internal state.

Be healthy and watch your body!

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