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Female diseases, sexual infections

Happy and satisfied, the lady returns withResort and sometimes does not even suspect that her exciting erotic adventure is only just beginning! One of the options for the development of the plot is an unplanned pregnancy. The other is venereal diseases, the incubation period of most of which is 3-4 weeks. Of course, everyone without exception knows about the possible consequences of random connections, but they still get involved in adventure. What is the reason?

To be desired

The first reason for the development of female diseases,Sexual infections, sexologists believe, the infidelity gene - it activates akkurat during ovulation. Studies of British Robin Baker confirm: ladies often rush into the pool of passion, changing their husbands, it is in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Increased sexuality in this period is not accidental: during ovulation the ability to conceive is maximal. It turns out, nature itself pushes us to sex for the sake of procreation.

Another reason is the insult to her husband, his inattention,Rudeness, laziness. Almost every one of us has his own reason to take offense. For our compatriots, it would even be more logical to put this cause first. If a woman is happy in marriage, she does not even look at other men. But when the relationship pops at the seams, she subconsciously dreams of taking revenge on her husband, instructing him on the horns. Psychologists call this state a psychological readiness for treason.

Short novel
At least temporarily removes the lady from the complexes,Gives her the confidence that she is still charming, attractive and desirable. The most emotionally dizzying novels are tied up at the resorts - this is facilitated by beautiful nature and the opportunity to completely disconnect from the problems ...

However, casual connections are always a game in whichRoulette. For some, it ends with pleasant memories. Others, experiencing a sense of guilt before the husband, tell him everything, and no good show such revelations. The third "happy love adventure" smoothly flows into grueling walking through the doctors.

Protect yourself

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) -The result of unprotected sex. Although the condom does not always help: many STDs are transmitted by the oral route, and if infection with trichomoniasis is unlikely, gonorrhea is sometimes transmitted.

If the partner has no signs of sexually transmitted diseases (rash on the genitals, suspicious discharge), this does not mean that he is healthy - in men, many STDs are asymptomatic.

Another popular myth: If a family man is a guarantee of his cleanliness. No matter how it is! Syphilis in a wife you pick up, it is unlikely, but chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis are found in many "normal" people. So, strongly demand from an unfamiliar partner to use the "rubber band" - he himself is unlikely to bother about your safety. Yes, the condom does not protect 100%, but nothing better has been invented yet ...

Bullet to the doctor!

Soaking with soap or syringing withAntiseptic will not save you from all the viruses and microbes. Moreover, doctors believe that douching, on the contrary, can bring pathogens into the upper parts of the female genital organs.

People's sign, as if urination immediately after sexual intercourse protects from disease, is only partially true: the risk of infection is reduced, but insignificantly.

Remember, an untreated STD is a time bombactions. Ureaplasmosis leads to inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages, human papilloma virus - to the onset of cervical cancer. Trichomoniasis and gardnerellez increase the risk of premature birth. Gonorrhea and chlamydia give complications in the form of inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages, which often causes infertility. So do not delay the visit to the doctor.

6 reasons for concern

Consult your doctor if you find yourself experiencing such symptoms:

Burning and itching in the genital area;

- strange discharge from the vagina (abundant, with an unpleasant odor and strange color);

Pain during urination;

- intermenstrual bleeding;

- lower abdominal pain;

- unpleasant sensations at sexual contacts.

Not always these symptoms point to STDs, there are other possible causes, but the exact verdict will be made only by the doctor.

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