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The ideal diet

Monodiettes. At the heart of this group of diets is the preferenceOne or two kinds of products, and it is possible to use almost any product. Monodiet gives quick results - in a short period you can lose up to 5 kg. But the further transition to a normal diet leads to a return of weight and even perhaps the addition of a few extra kilograms. Because of its monotony, this diet is inadequate in terms of the intake of certain vitamins, trace elements, amino acids.

Also, diets differ in the low content of one of the components of nutrition, more often fats or carbohydrates.

Low-fat diet. One of the safest and most effective diets. In the diet, the consumption of fats is reduced to 30-40 grams per day, without significantly limiting the total calorie. Such a diet can be observed for a long time, without fear for health. Despite the low rates of weight loss (more often up to 3-4 kg per month), the effect of this diet will be persistent and prolonged.

With each month, more and more popularity is gaining, so-called, Kremlin diet. It can be attributed to a group of diets based onThe restriction of the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates. Adherents of this diet believe that the surplus of carbohydrates, which is not consumed by the body, is translated into fats, and fat - is stored in reserve, externally manifested by excessive body weight. And, conversely, in the absence of carbohydrate intake into the body, the main energy consumption is due to the splitting of fats, hence, the body weight decreases. The effect of this type of dietary nutrition is significant, but again, it takes time to realize it. The state of hypoglycemia (low sugar content in the blood) has a negative effect on well-being, can even reduce mental activity. It is carbohydrates that control appetite, acting on the center of hunger, so low glucose leads to a constant sense of hunger.

For this type of diet there are strict contraindications - these are various metabolic disorders, including diabetes mellitus.

Another most common group of diets - Low-calorie. Perhaps the consumption of any products, but taking into account the daily intake of calories - for women no higher than 1500 kcal, and for men - 2100 kcal.

It should be noted also the lower lath of such diets -It should not be lower than 1000 kcal, otherwise the organism, feeling hunger, will start working in an "economical mode" - the fat burning process will decrease, and a paradoxical effect may occur, any intake into the body will be deferred, and the way out of such a diet will become simple Catastrophe - you get up to 10 kilograms of excess weight.

With the right approach to this type of nutritionIt is possible to reduce weight to 3-4-5 kg ​​for 1 month. The inconvenience is considered constant counting caloric content of food, although now you can find any calculators that will help you with this.

In our days there is a great variety of diets,Any pop diva considers it its duty to "create" its diet and call it by its name, dietitians are promoting their food systems. But almost any diet can be made in one of the classes listed by us. The diet requires excellent health, so before it begins requires a preliminary consultation with a specialist doctor, which, unfortunately, is almost never observed. And it must be remembered: any diets require additional introduction of vitamins and microelements into the diet.

And yet - an isolated diet will not give such results as a combination with regular physical activity and various beauty treatments.

Be healthy and beautiful!

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