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What can not be eaten by pregnant women

Of course, the body of a woman in positionUnpredictable. Sometimes it happens that the most favorite foods at the time of pregnancy are not carried over to the spirit and vice versa, some of the body's not favorite and not wholesome delicacies demand with such force that there is no power to give up. But still some products, no matter how they are asked by your "I", should be deleted.

Let's start with drinks. Naturally, pregnant women should not drink alcohol. So counts a lot of women. But still you can do it a little. In the first trimester, you must exclude alcohol completely. The fact is that during this period there is an intensive development of all organs of the future child's body. And alcohol, even in the most miserable quantities, can direct the process in the wrong direction. As for the further period, a glass of wine or 200ml of good beer will not harm the fetus. But you can do this no more than once a month. And of course you should not drink alcoholic beverages, because alcohol has a very detrimental effect on the baby's nervous system.

Very many women before pregnancy do notRepresented their day, and especially the morning without a cup of good strong coffee. But with the advent of pregnancy, your addiction to this drink should be reviewed. Caffeine as such has no impact on the development of the child, but abuse can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. But this does not mean that you can not drink coffee during pregnancy. Try to minimize the number of cups drunk a day and of course reduce the strength of the drink.

Now go to the food and determine that you can not eat pregnant women.

The food of expectant mothers, should consist only ofNatural products, it's fruits, vegetables and everything that does not have extraneous impurities. To such impurities, the majority are E-additives. I will say that some of these additives are added to products that are related to products that are forbidden to eat pregnant women. Yes, some of the E additions are allowed, but still the guarantees that they will not harm the child is not. Let me remind you that such products as chips, crab sticks, croutons and many others, to all contain and various dyes and enhancers, which are also not recommended to eat for pregnant women. Fast food products, too, are not products for pregnant women. Also during pregnancy, you should refrain from eating certain types of fish, such as mackerel, tuna, swordfish.

In fact, what you can eat, and what you can not forSome pregnant women are prescribed by a doctor. For example, if there is a tone of the uterus, it is necessary to completely eliminate the beets, since it is believed that it provokes a tonus even more. Very oily, spicy food can cause severe heartburn. Well, if you suffer from swelling during pregnancy, the doctor will recommend not salt.

Some products of pregnant women themselvesForbidden to use, justified by some superstition. For example, according to one of the signs, you can not consume the fruits of the double, and also eggs that have two yolks, since twins can be born.

Of course, every pregnant woman chooses herself,What to eat, when and how much, but most importantly, that the diet was diverse and full, because it is during this period that a woman especially needs vitamins and various microelements. Well, most importantly, a woman should take pleasure in eating, in order to be in a good mood. This is not unimportant.

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