/ How does the massage affect the body?

How does massage affect the body?

The organism of modern man is constantlyExperiencing stress, which gradually leads to an imbalance in the work of the whole organism. Therefore, everyone is advised to attend massage courses, as this is one of the most accessible and easy way to cope with problems City dweller.

How does massage affect the body?
During the massage procedure, the exposureIt appears on all layers of the skin, on the vessels and muscles, glands, besides, it turns out a very beneficial effect on the nervous system, which, as is known, is connected with the points located on the skin. If we talk about the skin, then with the help of massage, it is cleansed not only from foreign particles that get on the skin, but also from the scales of the epidermis, which are rejected by natural means. Massage improves the work of sebaceous and sweat glands, clears the holes, through which the allocation of sweat.

Massage can improve blood circulation, does not allow blood to stagnate in the veins, improves the appearance of the skin. The fact is that the tone rises, which makes the skin smooth and supple.

On a fatty layer massage too is capable qualitativelyTo influence, for example, it is through some types of massage that you can achieve that the layer of fat gradually decreases. Of course, such a special massage should be done in conjunction with diets, physical exercises.

On the muscles and joints, massage also has a positive effect, increasing their elasticity, working capacity. In the case of severe muscle fatigue, he Is held within 5 Minutes, thus, the muscles are restoredQuite quickly and fatigue disappears. Under the influence of massage the blood circulation in muscles improves, the speed of oxygen delivery to muscles increases several times, the products of metabolism are removed faster.

Excellent courses of massage after traumasJoints, when the consequence is, puffiness, lack of mobility and other unpleasant sensations. The actions performed by the masseur significantly improve the nutrition of the joint tissues, thus getting rid of the painful sensations, besides, the massage can prevent pain. A timely massage reduces the risk of arthrosis, joint disease.

The human nervous system sensitively perceivesThe action of the massage, because there are so many nerve endings in the skin that it does not matter where the massage is done, it still affects the nervous system. An experienced masseur knows that with the help of a massage one can calm a person or, on the contrary, revive him. With the help of massage, you can also remove headaches, relax and rest.
Massage is truly a magical instrument when a professional does it. After all, it is important to know which points at the moment you need an impact in order to help a person cope with the ailment.
There are different types of massage:

Hygienic massage Helps in the care of the body, it can be carried out in a bath, there is honey massage and other methods. But the main thing is that he does not heal, but helps to maintain health.

And here massotherapy Just able to heal from certain diseases, help to recover after the diseases. Same, Rehabilitation massA chance to quickly recover from injuries and illnesses. Erotic massage - for enjoyment. Usually it increases sensitivity and gives the opportunity to experience new sensations. The massage methods described above are far from being all, Which exist on the planet, there are many more.

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