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Beading for children, a master class, schemes. Step-by-Step Bead Bracelets

To create the first bracelet:
  • 31 beads of milk color (diameter 8 mm).
  • 10 g large beige beads.
  • Clasp for a bracelet in the form of a button.
  • Thread and a bead needle.
Materials for the second version of the bracelet:
  • 10 grams of large salad beads with golden tint.
  • 10 grams of large yellow beads.
  • The same clasp as in the previous version.
  • Thread and two beaded needles.

If the child is just beginning his creative career, it is advisable to use beads of large size. So, it will be easier to understand the principle of weaving.

Note: if you do not have a bead needle, you can paint the tip of the thread with nail polish. After drying, it will become hard, and it will be easier to string beads.

In the master class there are two versions of simple bracelets.

Children's bracelet from beads, the first option - step by step instruction

Scheme for bracelet:

  1. First, string four beige beads, then a milk bead, then three more beads.

  2. Again we pass the thread through the first bead.

  3. Then we string the bead, three beads and return to the third bead (from the end).

  4. So, further on the scheme, yet we will not add up to the necessary length.

As you can see, beadwork for children is not a difficult task.

You can watch a small video with weaving this fragment.

Cheerful yellow-green bracelet - step by step instruction

The second decoration is more complicated. Here we need two needles. In the diagram, the filaments move in different colors.

  1. We collect on one thread two yellow beads, two green and again two yellow. Another thread we go from the opposite side in the first two beads and again we type two green ones.

  2. Again, we "cross" the threads in yellow beads.

  3. We build the next square until we get the products of the required length.
  4. The last stage of work is fastening the fastener. You can use any kind of lock, but the button is one of the most convenient. It is reliable, easy to fasten. The tails of the threads that remained when weaving, we use to fasten the button. Secure the lock on a few knots.

To the note: that the knot is not untied, it is possible to fix it with a drop of glue.

Beading for children is very interesting andFascinating occupation. Experiment, create, create something new with your baby, and it will surely bring you a lot of positive emotions.
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