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Methods of inhalation for acute diseases

In childhood, caring mothers often offered"Breathe" over the potatoes in their uniforms. Then still not very popular were the usual today's inhalations - one of the methods of introducing into the body a medicinal substance with the help of breathing.

What are the methods of inhalation for acute diseases?

Inhalation is done through the nose and through the mouth. The most common is the steam with the addition of therapeutic essential oils. It refers to the method of soaring legs in hot water, and the person to hold over the pan with that hot potato or decoction of medicinal herbs, covered with a towel. But in an ideal for this method there are special inhalers. There are also inhalations, in which it is necessary to inhale not steam, but an aerosol with a medicinal substance. Basically it is powder inhalation. There is also aeroionoinhalation: when negatively charged droplets of water or air are inhaled.

How correctly to do inhalation?

Effective production of inhalation methodsFor acute diseases with the help of inhalers from 3 to 5 times a day for 1 -3 min. It is important to choose the correct time for the procedure. Ideal is the interval between meals, it is not recommended to talk on the phone with girlfriends, read a magazine or watch TV. With a cold, you need to inhale medical pairs with your nose, and with bronchitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis - with your mouth. After inhaling, it is desirable to hold your breath for 2-3 seconds and make a calm as much as possible strong exhalation, then continue the procedure. After inhalation, allow the body to rest. You can not say much, sing and smoke.

Which means are better
Use for inhalation methods for acute diseases?

In order for inhalation to bring a maximumYou should consult with your doctor. Only he can determine which inhalation solution or medicinal substance in the form of inhalation will be most effective in your case. It can be essential oils, herbal medicinal herbs, ready-made medicinal substances (they can be purchased at the pharmacy), as well as solutions of salt, soda or honey.

In what situations is inhalation needed?

Inhalation is effective in the treatment of the common cold, inflammation of the throat, respiratory organs, bronchial asthma. It is also used to protect the respiratory tract from certain reactive substances.

When is contraindicated?

With cardiopulmonary insufficiency III degree, pulmonary hemorrhage, severe forms of hypertension, pneumonia and tuberculosis, as well as - individual intolerance.

Can I do inhalation for prophylaxis?

For the prevention of respiratory diseases, steam and oil inhalations can be administered no more than once a day.

Why inhalation?

The advantage of inhalation in acuteDiseases consists, first of all, in that by means of it the direct hit of a medicinal substance in the centers of a potential disease is carried out. These include the nasopharynx, throat and bronchi. Having got into the respiratory system in the form of small droplets or particles, the medicinal substance very quickly and effectively covers the entire surface of the mucous membranes, in abundance provided with blood capillaries.

Thus, medication and inhalationAcute diseases are absorbed into the blood immediately. So, it immediately acts and promotes the speedy recovery or strengthening of the body. For the same reason, it is contraindicated to abuse this procedure, in order to avoid side effects and damage to one's health.

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