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Complex exercises with dumbbells

Let's start with exercises for the muscles of the chest and hands.

The first exercise should be done on 10-20Times 2 approaches. Legs slightly bend in the knees and put on the width of the shoulders. Take in the hands of dumbbells and lower them down and palms inward. Bend your arm at the elbow and pull the dumbbell to the shoulder, unfolding the brush so that the dumbbell is parallel to the shoulder. Put your hand back in and out. Etc., repeat with the other hand.

The second exercise is done 8-12 times for 2 approaches. The legs are knee-deep in the width of the shoulders, both arms with dumbbells. Bend your arms in the elbows (palm-inward), raise your arms at an angle of 90gr. Slowly raise your hands over your head, without bending them at the wrists and not straightening up your elbows. Return to the i.p.

The third exercise is performed 8-12 times 2 approaches. The position of the feet is the same, the arms are laid down along the body with dumbbells. Bend your arms in the elbows (a little), very slowly bend them to shoulder level to the sides. Slowly return to the i.p.

The fourth exercise also run 8-12 times 2Approach. Roll your hands forward and straighten your arms with dumbbells up above your chest. Bend your arms in the elbows and spread them apart, pressing your waist to the bench. Shoulders should be parallel to the floor.

The last exercise is 2 times 10. Legs on the width of the shoulders, in one hand a dumbbell. Bend forward with your knees bent, your back parallel to the floor. With a bent hand, lean on your knees. Hand with a dumbbell slightly bent at the elbow lower. From this position, move the supporting arm to the shoulder level and slightly back. Return to the i.p.

The next stage will be the exercises for the back.

Lie down with your stomach on the bench, closing and stretching your legs. Hand with dumbbells spread apart and put on the floor. Then raise both hands up at the same time. It is necessary to do two approaches 10 times.

Do this exercise with each hand 10 times. It will take a chair or bench for support. Taking a dumbbell in one hand, the second lean against the seat of the bench (chair). Hand with a dumbbell drop to the floor. Slowly pull up, pulling the elbow back, dumbbell to chest. Slowly return to the i.p.

The third exercise is done in 2 sets of 8-12time. Pick up dumbbells and stand upright. Hands spread apart, turn forward the palms. Pull the dumbbells to your chest, bending your arms in the elbows. Do not lower your elbows down, your hands are parallel to the floor.

Do the following exercise 10 times. I. p. - Lie down on the back across the bench, hands with dumbbells in the hands and straighten in front of the chest. Lower your hands with dumbbells slowly behind your head, almost to the level of the field.

Last in this complex exercise, perform 5 times.

You lie on your back, legs on the floor, bent at the knees. Straighten before your chest arms with dumbbells. We make on the account:

- once - one straight hand is taken away from the head, the second is lowered to the thigh;

- Two - hands in and out. P.;

- three - also as "once", but with changing hands;

- Four - hands in and out. P.

In conclusion, we will perform exercises for the muscles of the waist and abdomen.

Stand up, with your feet shoulder-width apart, straight. Tilt forward, hands with dumbbells lower to the floor. Turn the body to the left and right, the back is straight. Perform 20 turns in each direction.

Legs shoulder width apart. Stand up straight. One hand on the belt, in the other - a dumbbell. Carry out deep slopes, straining the press. The pelvis does not move. Repeat the incline 10 times in different directions.

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