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The most important enemies of the stomach

It is necessary to exclude the maximum of chemicals. Preservatives and synthetic dyes are considered very harmful to health. But for the stomach, taste enhancers are more dangerous, which cause a lot of secretion of digestive juices and can provoke peptic ulcer or gastritis.

Similarly, most spices andAcute food, they contribute to the secretion of digestive enzymes. Maybe in small amounts, they are useful, because they improve digestion. But you need to know the sense of proportion in all, if overdo it, then you will have gastritis.

In relation to fats, too, should be a measure. For our body fats in small amounts are also useful. But when there are a lot of them in the body, digestion is disrupted, the fat itself is heavily digested, all food is enveloped, thus, the access to it of enzymes is disrupted. There should be a normal ratio of fats, proteins, carbohydrates - 1: 1: 3.

But in smoked and fried foods, there is no measure. Substances that are responsible for a pleasant taste, for a golden, beautiful crust - they all contribute to inflammation. Therefore by definition smoked and fried foods are harmful. Of course, the degree of damage received by the stomach depends on the amount eaten, but still it will be harmful.

On this you can finish everything, but in fact not only the diet can affect the stomach, no less important is the culture of nutrition.
You must avoid overeating if you eatOnce a day, without overloading the stomach, it is unlikely you will succeed. At the same time, there is always something to eat, it is also very harmful. You need to eat 2-3 times a day, the intervals between meals should be without snacks. Candies, cookies, juices should be only once, during one of the three obligatory meals.

Drying is harmful and it really is. Most prefer, there is a compulsory traditional soup and drink down the food with water or tea. But broth and tea wash off all the gastric juice and this interferes with digestion.

Water, very necessary, for the work of the stomach, without waterThere will not be enough digestive juices. Water is also needed to excrete mucus, which protects the walls of your stomach from the very juices.

But water must come beforehand into the body. When you started, there is, then your stomach now is not enough water. And most it will be right to drink two glasses of water half an hour before each meal. You can drink tea or juice instead of water. And when food comes into the stomach, drenching the water will reach the intestine, suck in the blood and get to the walls of the stomach.

And, finally, the greatest enemy of the stomach areEntertainment during meals and fast food. Studies have shown that if you think about eating while eating, then digestion works better. You completely feel the taste, and the stomach takes food with gratitude. But when you eat in a hurry, watch TV, read a magazine, then the taste of food is lost, and then the digestive system is disrupted.
Now we know the most important enemies of the stomach, and we can eat right and eat properly. And everything, for our stomach to work well, and nothing could harm him.

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