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Be in shape even on cloudy days

- sleep disturbance;
- Irritability;
- diarrhea;
- tooth decay.

Then we start to take pills, but so, and we can not achieve the desired effect.

What is the reason?
Perhaps, you do not have enough vitamin D. In our body, it is produced by the sun.
But its shortcoming can be compensated for in other ways.

The easiest way is to consume a multivitamin. Vitamin D is also present in vitamins that contain phosphorus and calcium. The most important are vitamins D2 and D3. Per day the human body needs vitamin D in the amount of 10-15 μg. Do not forget that the lack, as well as the excess is all bad, if there is an excess of vitamin in the body, then there is a poisoning of the body.

To make up for a lack of vitamin in the bodyD, you need to eat right. The highest content of vitamin D in foods (per 100 grams of product) - in herring - 25 mcg, in nuts - 3 mcg, in two eggs - about 1 mcg, in a glass of milk - 3 mcg, in cod liver - 50 mcg, in salmon - 25 mcg.

One spoonful of fish oil a day can protect from lack of vitamin D. Fruits contain vitamin D: in mango juice, in the flesh of avocado fruits, in grapefruits.

Sunbathing. Vitamin D accumulates in the body during the summer and is released within a year. Instead of sunlight, you can use a solarium and ultraviolet lamps. Foreign doctors have established that with winter depression, bright light therapy is much more effective than taking antidepressants. In the cold period, do not neglect sunny days, you need to walk more on the street. If a day to walk in the sun for one hour, then your body will be provided with vitamin D.

What is important for vitamin D to the body?
- Vitamin D is essential for normal functioning of the immune system and the parathyroid glands.
- Vitamin D has a good effect on sulfur, protein and carbohydrate metabolism in the body.
- Promotes the absorption of phosphorus and calcium and rapid deposition of them in the bones, is of great importance for teeth, bones and for maintaining health.
- Without vitamin D, magnesium is not absorbed, it only participates with the calcium in the processes of the body.

Such a disease called osteoporosis is associated with a lack of vitamin D, because of it in the bones the calcium content decreases
Lack of vitamin D may be the cause of kidney stones.
Vitamin D is transmitted along with the mother's milk to the child, but the female body needs to maintain the level of vitamin D.

By analyzing the blood, you can determine whetherYour illnesses with a lack of vitamin D. Before taking micronutrients and vitamins, you need to consult a doctor, and only a doctor will be able to pick up the right vitamin complex.

You need to monitor your health, only walks under the sun will charge you with positive energy, raise your spirits and add health. Then you can even in cloudy days be always in shape.

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