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The best diet for a pregnant woman

The best diet for a pregnant woman in the first half of pregnancy is a full-fledged diet, which includes a full range of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and microelements.

Particularly important is the presence of a pregnant woman in a dietWomen such substances as iodine, zinc, iron, folic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids. Their source is a properly selected daily diet. It is necessary to monitor that the body receives these substances in sufficient quantities.

The best diet for a pregnant woman in the secondHalf of the term is mainly food of dairy and vegetable origin. Sometimes a woman can afford lean boiled meat, poultry, unsalted fish, eggs. In order to avoid disturbance of the metabolic process, the pregnant woman should receive a sufficient number of various vegetables and fruits. But at the same time, it is necessary to exclude from the diet those of them that have an allergenic reaction, and can provoke an early manifestation of diathesis in a newborn. And of course a pregnant woman should exclude alcohol from her diet. The pregnant woman's diet has strict restrictions on the consumption of salt and spicy seasonings. A woman during pregnancy should limit the amount of liquid drunk.

It is necessary to understand well that there is no oneA universal product containing all the known nutrients (about sixty), and which could satisfy all the needs of the future mother and her child. Therefore, the diet, which adheres to a pregnant woman, should be as varied as possible.

It is necessary to give preference to coarse bread typesGrinding. It is necessary to eat fish as a source of easily digestible protein. In order not to have to drink, special preparations that provide the body of a pregnant woman with additional iron, such foods as lean ham, chicken and lean meat are included in the daily diet. In this case, each meal should include dishes from raw vegetables and fruits, which are a source of vitamin C, which contributes to better absorption of iron. Salads need to be abundantly savored with vegetable oil, which is also useful for pregnant women. And you can not escape from the obligation of the future mother to regularly consume milk and dairy products containing calcium, valuable proteins, vitamins of group B, which are necessary for the growing body of the child.

No need to invent some special recipes. Simple and complete food should be the basis of the best diet for a pregnant woman. Products should have a natural origin, avoid fast food in any form, artificial food additives and dyes. No stimulants, and drugs only when absolutely necessary and strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Often a pregnant woman experiences weakness,Dizziness and nausea. Constipation may cause trouble. To reduce the frequency and strength of such phenomena, the diet of a pregnant woman assumes unloading days. For example, during the day a mixture of grated carrots and turnips with a glass of cottage cheese is eaten and diluted with half a cup of kefir. You can season the mixture with chopped herbs. And you also need to drink tea, brewed from a mixture of dried currant leaves or raspberries and a half teaspoon of ordinary tea leaves. Tea is not forbidden to slightly sweeten.

Observing such a diet, a pregnant woman must endure and give birth to a healthy baby.

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