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Assessment of adaptation to physical exertion

Surely during a visit to the fitness club youNoticed that for some women it is quite possible during the whole time of training to maintain the maximum possible pace of exercise, and someone has to make frequent breaks and long to restore strength and a normal rhythm of respiratory movements. The different degree of adaptation of the organism to the physical loads received depends to a large extent on the age, degree of fitness, body weight, the presence or absence of various diseases. Proceeding from this, people who are different in age or physical fitness, with all their will, will not be able to perform even the same exercises with the same intensity. Therefore, the optimal approach for the recruitment of groups for employment in fitness clubs will be selection of people on the basis of their age and other individual characteristics.

Undoubtedly, if your fitness coach isCompetent specialist, then during the training, he necessarily monitors the state of health of his wards who perform the exercises. But at the same time do not forget that the assessment of adaptation to physical exertion is an individual matter. Therefore, after the next stage of training, do not forget to check and assess the condition of your body.

How to do it? The simplest and most affordable option for assessing the adaptation of a person to the exercise is the measurement of heart rate. This figure corresponds to the number of cardiac contractions per minute.

In order to know this value, it is enoughMeasure your pulse. During exercise and for some time after this exercise, the pulse is significantly increased. However, there is no cause for concern, since this is a completely normal physiological phenomenon. With physical activity, the body does the work due to the reduction of muscles, while in muscle tissue, nutrients are intensively oxidized and energy necessary for the movement is extracted. The more intensive the exercise, the more nutrients that decompose with the participation of oxygen. An increase in the heart rate is a physiological adaptation of the organism, which allows increasing the volume and speed of oxygen transported to muscle tissue.

During the training, the increase in this indicatorMust not exceed certain values. So, at the first visits to the fitness club, the permissible heart rate should not exceed 60% of the maximum possible level. For the body of an adult woman during training, this is the maximum allowable value of 175 cuts per minute, and 60% of this figure will be 105, respectively. Therefore, if the frequency of your heartbeats exceeds the value of 105 during exercise, then you should somewhat decrease the intensity Exercises. If this figure is significantly lower than 105, then you are not actively training and you should increase physical activity. If you regularly attend classes in a fitness club or sports section, the degree of physical training of your body will gradually increase the intensity of training. Two months after the start of regular classes, a value of 65% of the maximum possible heart rate should be used to assess adaptation to physical exertion, i.e. 114 cuts per minute. In the next two months, this figure should be increased to 70% (123 heartbeats per minute), and after another one such time period - up to 80% (140 cuts per minute).

However, even if a couple of hours afterPhysical exercise, your pulse still has not decreased to normal values ​​at rest, then this clearly indicates a violation of the cardiovascular system. In this case, you should definitely consult a doctor and stop attending training before a complete medical examination and establishing the cause of such a pathology.

Thus, based on the pulse measurement, youAlways be able to independently assess the adaptation of your body to physical stress. This will contribute to a competent and scientifically valid determination of the intensity of exercise during training, and will also allow you to achieve a health effect as soon as possible.

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