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Dietitian advice: how to accelerate metabolism in the body


Methods for accelerating metabolism
Methods of splitting and burning fat

It is such an element in the human body thatDirectly responsible for burning fats. The organism of some people can cope much more quickly with fats in comparison with the organisms of others. This effect may well be inherited!

Age, this is one of the elements that affectProcess of metabolic slowdown. Slowdown, mainly, appears due to the loss of about 200-tons of muscle mass per year. With active work of muscles in humans, fats in the body accumulate significantly less. If, however, the muscles do not work, they can atrophy, which later, of course, will lead to a decrease in burning up to 400-calories per day. This can lead to an increase in your weight to 0.5 kg per week!

Methods for accelerating metabolism

To accelerate the burning of fats in the body, you can use some simple tricks!

  • You can eat small portions,Containing about 250-500 calories. It is not advisable to take breaks in eating more than 4 hours! This option will not cause hunger and at the same time slows the process of metabolism.
  • What burns fats in the human body
  • You need to consume proteins, because they accelerate the burning of fats! For a normal diet, the protein content should be about 25-35%.
  • The qualitative splitting of fats in the body,Use of green tea and water! Tea, when used 3 times a day, speeds up the splitting processes by four percent. Water, in the amount of three liters per day, leads to an acceleration of metabolism by 25-30%.
  • Alcohol - negatively affects the processes of the splitting of fats in the human body, so it is not advisable to use it!
  • As for dairy products, their consumption with reduced fat leads to the burning of 70% fat!
  • With insufficient intake of iron, cellsThe body begins to suffer from a lack of oxygen, which subsequently leads to inhibition of the metabolic process. The lack of iron in the body can be determined by excessive fatigue and weakness. Among products that contain a sufficient amount of iron can be called, such as chicken, soy, cereals, dark meat.

Methods of splitting and burning fat

Very high quality and effective wayIs a separate power supply! This is a type of eating, in which fats, carbohydrates and proteins are used separately, at different times. Of course, not everyone will have enough willpower to eat food in this way, but it is very effective. The method is based on the fact that the body releases acids and alkalis to burn foods, and carbohydrates and fats - require different types of burning agents. It turns out that acids and alkalis burn each other, and the food remains. Separate food allows you to remove toxins from the human body, and rejuvenate it for dozens of years.

Very high quality is the "miracle fungus"Indian yogis ". This is a kind of bacteria that the stomach requires for proper operation. The fungus is filled with a glass of milk, during the day it turns into kefir. It is washed and poured with fresh milk. This fungus cures the body of various diseases and rejuvenates it!

Question: "How to accelerate the burning of fats in the body?", Is very relevant. You can use the tips that were mentioned above. Good luck in fighting excess fatty substances!

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