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The appendix is ​​an extra organ of the human body?

They say that the human body is smarter than anyComputer, because everything inside us is arranged harmoniously and proportionally. But the strange thing is that the appointment of an appendix in the human body has not been fully established until now. Is it an appendix - an extra organ of the human body? That's right, but not really. Recently, scientists and physicians attribute the enormous influence of this vermiform appendage to the entire human body, since the appendix contains a huge amount of lymphoid tissue, which increases and keeps in normal human immunity, fights diseases, viruses and infections. And if earlier during the operation to remove the appendix, the diagnosis of "acute appendicitis" was not confirmed, then the doctors "just in case" removed this organ to the patient, but now they leave his whole body unharmed.

It is impossible to say exactly and the causes of inflammationAppendex, perhaps it is caused by changes in the walls of the appendage or other factors. Heredity plays a big role. There are whole generations of families who live with appendicitis all their life, and there are families in which each family member is undergoing operations to remove the inflamed appendix.

The symptoms of appendicitis are quite common -Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, high fever. Such symptoms may indicate other diseases, so they are sometimes misled by even the most experienced surgeons. Approximately 15% of patients with similar symptoms diagnosed with appendicitis are mistaken, since it is difficult to determine the location of the appendix.

The appendix is ​​in the lower right side of the abdomen. But sometimes it can be located not quite right, in other parts of the abdominal cavity. Most often the wrong diagnosis of "appendicitis" is put to women, since the appendix is ​​adjacent to the female internal genital organs.

If you have symptoms of appendicitis,Immediately call for an ambulance. Do not use painkillers, as they can interfere with the diagnosis, as well as provoke complications of the disease. Do not eat or drink anything before the arrival of doctors. If the pain is unbearable, put a cold water bottle on your stomach, lie down in a comfortable position.

The appendix is ​​a process of the intestine7-10cm long. For a long time, the appendix was removed through the surgical incision of the abdominal cavity. After such operations there remains an ugly scar in the lower abdomen. Now a new method is used to remove the appendix, leaving no noticeable traces on the skin - the method of laparoscopic appendectomy. With the help of the latest equipment, three small holes are made on the patient's body, a laparoscope and endosurgical instruments are inserted through the abdominal wall, with the help of which the doctors diagnose the condition of the appendix and, if necessary, remove it. This operation takes no more than half an hour and passes under general anesthesia. An ugly scar on the abdomen will not, and after 4 months, traces of laparoscopy will disappear without a trace. A patient who has undergone laparoscopy can get up on his feet already on the same day after the operation, but one should not immediately leave hospital any after the operational period takes 5 days. It is better to conduct them under the supervision of medical staff to avoid possible complications.

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