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Individual indications and contraindications to physical activity

So, let's first consider the possibleVariants in which physical loads are shown. It should be noted that the testimony to physical training and sports is purely individual. However, nevertheless, it is possible to single out the most common approaches that determine the recommendations for increasing motor activity and accompanying physical exertion on the body. The most common case of indications for physical exertion for women will be the presence of excess weight. When performing exercises while attending training, the body consumes a large amount of energy, and for its production, fat deposits are used. Constantly consuming fat cells during physical activity, with each subsequent training the body is released from a small amount of excess weight. And if your individual training schedule is strictly observed every week, then soon the loss of extra pounds will become very noticeable.

Another indication for physical activityIs a "sedentary" job or a sedentary lifestyle in general. Reduced motor activity causes disruption of almost all systems of the human body and leads to a deterioration of well-being. Daily sitting in the work chair for several hours significantly complicates the work of the cardiovascular system and the circulatory process, causing deterioration of oxygen transport to cells of various tissues. The physical load obtained during the exercise in training in the sports sections and fitness clubs or in health-improving sessions on an individual basis, allows you to eliminate all of the listed negative symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle. Indications for exercise are the best recommendations for the prevention of hypodynamia and hypokinesia.

Indications for physical activity can be prescribedTo all people who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle and to prolong their creative longevity at this cost. However, it should not be forgotten that there are also individual contraindications to increased stress on the body.

Wishes and readiness to visit fitness clubsNot enough for you to start training. The fact is that some diseases can cause individual contraindications to physical exertion. Absolutely healthy people in our time is not so much. If you also have some kind of ailment, then in the first place, you should pay special attention to the doctor's recommendations for preliminary consultation. As diseases, which are the basis for contraindications to physical exertion, include violations of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, hypertension, recently transferred operations or infectious diseases, anemia. However, even if the doctors advise you not to attend training with intensive physical exertion, they will certainly advise to provide the motor activity of the organism even in an individual sparing mode. The main thing at the same time is to correctly dose the load and constantly exercise control over your state of health, so that performing physical exercises only brings health benefits.

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