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Herpes, or the usual "cold" on the lips

Herpes, or the usual "cold" on the lips looks likeIt is very unattractive, and besides it is very contagious. Herpes are small watery blisters around the lips or near the nose. Herpes passes itself for a week, but if you start treatment with the very first symptoms and manifestations, you can stop the development of the disease in the early stages. To do this, you need to know that the incubation period of herpes is on average from 3 to 5 days. If at this stage the virus is not overcome, then the herpes will continue to affect healthy cells. The disease lasts from 2 to 5 days, accompanied by side effects such as itching and burning in the affected areas. The final stage of the disease takes about a week, at which time the vesicles and sores gradually disappear. Thus, with herpes, your appearance will be very spoiled within 2 weeks.

The usual "cold" on the lips is a consequenceInfection with the herpes simplex virus type 1. Herpes virus is the smallest microorganisms, less than 0.0001 cm in size. Such viruses are not able to reproduce outside the living cell, which they hit. The complexity of the treatment of viruses, including the herpes virus, is that antibiotics do not work on them. If herpes occurs frequently, then you need to see a doctor and undergo an appropriate course of treatment, because the herpes virus affects all systems of the body negatively, in particular, it breaks the nervous system, and the first type of herpes is fraught with more serious complications.

Herpes is usually infected by contact with the patient. Often after infection, the virus can persist for a long time in the skin, and the disease resumes with the following factors:

- supercooling / overheating of the body;

- colds;

- fatigue, stress;

- during menstruation;

- with poor nutrition.

Scientists have revealed an interesting fact. It turns out that about 90% of the world's population are carriers of the herpes virus, and only a small part of this number suffers from permanent exacerbations of this viral disease. To avoid frequent outbreaks of herpes, it is necessary to constantly strengthen immunity, since only strong immunity is struggling with the development of many viruses that enter our body.

For the prevention of such an unsightly disease asHerpes, it is necessary daily to receive a daily norm of vitamins and microelements. Eliminate lack of sleep and exercise regularly. An excellent stimulant of the immune system is the root of Echinacea. You can take it in the form of tablets, tincture or tea.

If you still get herpes, you need to startTreatment as soon as possible. If you just feel itching and burning on your lips, immediately attach a moist tea bag or cotton swab moistened with vodka to the sore spot. With the viral infection, the essential oils of eucalyptus, geranium, and bergamot fight well, which have a tanning and antiseptic effect. These oils are diluted as follows: 4 drops of oil - for 2.5 hours. L. Oil (or lotion) of calendula. Store the solution in a bottle of dark glass. Apply to a sore spot 3-4 times a day.

It is useful to wipe pimples and sores with cold tea or juice of calendula flowers. It is also good to apply on the affected area of ​​the oil solution of vitamin E.

There is another type of herpes - genital(Herpes of the second type). It manifests itself in the form of watery vesicles and sores on the genitals. This kind of herpes is transmitted sexually, as well as during childbirth from mother to child. In this case, self-medication can not be done in any case. At the first sign of infection, consult a doctor.

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