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Fitness for the lazy

So, You woke up:

1. Do a few breathing exercises, a calm and equivalent breath - an exhalation. Start movements for small muscle groups: rotation in the wrist and ankle joints.

2. After that, get your hands behind your head, legsAs much as possible, pull forward. On exhalation, bend your knees, bring them closer to the chest, keeping the shins horizontally, point your arms to the legs, rounding your back, and slightly lifting your neck, bend your forehead to your knees and wait for a full exhalation.

3. Then lower your body onto the bed and startAlternately change legs, then pulling the knee to the chest, then pulling the leg into its original position. Hold the tightened knee with the palms. You can do these simple exercises with your eyes closed.

4. Then give a rest to your lower body andConnect the palms at the level of the chest, turning your elbows to the sides. On exhalation firmly press the palm into the palm of your hand - to the sensation of muscular tension, while the muscles of the chest are strengthened. A few times will be quite enough.

5. Then open your eyes and go to the stretch. Bring your hands to the sides and slightly upward, bringing the shoulder blades to the vertebral column - stretch the muscles of the chest and simultaneously strengthen the back up.

6. By the way, the pillow can also bring invaluableBenefit. Raise your leg up, with your knee slightly bent. Place the pillow on the foot so that the position is stable. The ends of the pillow can be turned down for better retention. On inhalation, start to move your foot to the side, keeping the pillow on the foot.

On exhalation, return the leg to its original position. This includes not only the muscles that lead the thigh, but also other small muscle groups that help maintain balance.

On exhalation tighten the abdomen to the lumbar zone to stabilize the lower back. Repeat the exercise with the other leg, and then just open the hips at the same time to the sides and stretch their inner side.

Here's just one of the many options, likeYou can meet the morning with maximum benefit, recharge your cheerfulness, excellent mood. As you can see, this will take quite a bit of time. Try to start the morning with a company with such fitness, and who knows, maybe after a while all the laziness will evaporate and you will want more. Then a sports hall or a dance class will be ideal for you. Positive to you mood!

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