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Diseases of legs and nails, treatment

For this ailment is characterized by swelling, heaviness in the legs, nocturnal cramps, vascular gauzes and brown spots around the ankles. Cold dipping of the ankles and calves works well.

Eliminate cosmetic foot defects

Pain in the feet is caused by calluses, cracks on the heels, ingrown or injured nails. In especially neglected cases without the help of a doctor-podologa - a specialist - can not do.

Exclude arthritis

If the pains appeared after the infection,Most likely, it's arthritis. Diseases of the feet and nails, treatment is associated with malfunctions in the immune system. Immune complexes (IR) cease to "recognize their", attack healthy tissues and organs.

Folk remedy

At unpleasant sensations in stops take on 50G dried mint and lime color, pour boiling water (0.5 liters) and let cool. Infuse dilute with warm water - the bath is ready. The procedure time is 15-20 minutes. Steamed feet massage and rub the cream.

The most common cause of pain when walking -Platypodia is a disease in which the arch of the foot loses its natural concavity. The sole becomes flat and stops springing. Causes of flatfoot: congenital defect of muscles and ligaments, specific diseases (rickets, poliomyelitis, diabetes), foot injuries, lack or excess of yoga load.

If the fingers hurt and at rest, suspicion falls onGout. However, due to renal insufficiency or increased education, its excess in the form of crystals is deposited in the joints, which leads to their inflammation and severe pain.

Acute pain in the heel - a sign of plantarFasciitis (heel spur). At the beginning of the disease, pain occurs only when walking - it is especially difficult to take the first steps. During the day, the pain subsides a little, and by evening intensifies again. Over time, it becomes resistant.

, As well as other diseases of the legs and nails,Treatment of which can last for years, can often become a reason and professional activity. Many people, and mostly girls, women suffer from this disease only because they lead a sedentary lifestyle. After all, the profession of the new generation is connected with a computer, so many people no longer think about the health of their feet. When we spend the greatest amount of time in the sitting position, our pelvis transfers the greatest amount of blood to the legs, which will soon swell and swell the legs. Solve such a problem only a specialist or a surgeon. If the veins are already visible outside the capillaries of the legs, then you should definitely contact a specialist.

How to identify
, Are you a carrier of leg and nail diseases, treatment of which is determined by a specialist? We will help you answer this question.

If by the end of the working day your legs swell quickly, become "cotton" and get tired very quickly, then you need a specialist consultation.

Most doctors resemble young women andGirls about the following rules: should wear comfortable shoes; No heels above 10 cm; Wear also tight jeans is not recommended, because due to tightening pants do not give blood properly and evenly function in the legs. If you still put on your heels, as far as possible, you should spend in them no more than 3-4 hours a day. Heels quickly get tired and swell on his heels.

Nowadays, foot and nail diseases are quite common, the treatment of which is not suitable for everyone, so you should treat your health more carefully and follow all the above rules.

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