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What helps yoga

This system of oriental gymnastics is aimed atThe man's achievement of absolute control over his body, the preservation and strengthening of health, the prevention of various diseases, the maintenance of an active lifestyle, and the provision of work capacity. Yoga helps to achieve these goals by developing proper breathing, adherence to the diet, maintaining the external and internal hygiene of the body, performing special exercises, and exercising self-control over the operation of all body systems. Yoga contributes to the achievement of a harmonious balance between the physical and mental capabilities of a person and helps maintain the constancy of the internal environment of the body - homeostasis.

Special exercises that form the basisGymnastics of yogis, help to improve the mechanism of respiratory movements, to hold the breath in a certain way, thus contributing to the expansion of the blood vessels of the heart and brain and simultaneous narrowing of the peripheral blood vessels.

Physical exercises of yoga are characterized byStatic tension of some and strong stretching of other muscles, ligaments and tendons. As a result, it helps in some way affect the central nervous system and internal organs, which can not boast of any other system of exercises. When practicing yoga, the joints of the human body acquire considerable mobility, which provides increased flexibility, dexterity and beauty of the body. It is noteworthy that people who are seriously engaged in yoga, even in extreme old age, do not suffer from joint diseases. Some exercises of this system should be performed literally standing on the head. In this position, when the legs are above the head, blood flow from the lower extremities to the upper half of the body is ensured. This helps improve the blood circulation of the brain and lungs. The veins of the lower extremities in the "inverted" poses do not experience such loads as in the normal position of the body and therefore rest. However, such exercises of yoga help only with proper and short execution. If care is not taken, such loads can lead to increased intracranial pressure and cause a hemorrhage to the brain.

Concentration of attention, achieved by performingPhysical exercises of the yoga complex, helps to mobilize the reserve capabilities of the human body. Supporters of yoga argue that through many years of training you can even learn to regulate the intensity of many physiological processes that do not respond.

Nutrition for the yoga system implies under itselfPreference for food of vegetable origin, milk and dairy products. The use of meat, as well as sharp, smoked and fried foods is not recommended. Yoga also does not tolerate overeating, explaining this by the fact that energy must first be consumed, and then be filled up with food.

As you can see, yoga really helps to achieveHealth effect, therefore, the employment of this form of oriental gymnastics can be recommended to all physically trained people. However, the exercise should be started only under the guidance of an experienced yoga specialist and only after a preliminary consultation with a doctor.
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