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Meat dishes from cutlet and chopped weight

Meat dishes from cutlet and chopped mass,Are prepared quickly and quite simply. Cutlet mass for dietary dishes is prepared from meat pulp and scraps of other parts of carcass of mutton, pork, beef or veal. In order that the dietary value of the cutlet mass Increased, for its preparation partsCarcases that contain little connective-woven proteins. Meat is also selected according to its nutritional value. The selected meat for the cutlet mass is passed through the meat grinder twice, in some cases and three times. If the cutlet mass is not intended for people with diabetes mellitus, then white bread soaked in water is added to it.

For dietary purposes, cutlets, little crochets,Meatballs, meatballs and rolls, steamed. There are very strict diets where it is necessary to remove from the cutlet mass the nitrogen-containing extractives and purine bases, then products from the cutlet mass are boiled in boiling water.

Preparation of dietary dishes from cutlet mass Steam-roll. The cutlet mass is laid out evenlyThickness of 1.5 cm on a double-layered gauze moistened with water. In the middle lay stuffing different, it can be boiled rice with herbs, or an egg, or other stuffing. Then all this is rolled up into a roll and sealed to the bottom on the grill of a steam saucepan and boiled for a couple.

Dietary meatballs - Cutlet mass is divided into several equal parts, balls are rolled from them - meatballs, then they are cooked either in steaming or in a saucepan, lowering into salted salted water.

Meat Knels - Beef - 100 g, pasteurized milk - 30 g, butter - 5 g, vegetable oil - 3 g, wheat flour - 3-5 g.

Meat steamed burgers - beef - 100 g, wheat bread - 15 g, butter - 5 g, vegetable oil - 3 g, water - 15 g.

Preparation Meat steamed burgers, baked under dairy sauce: Beef - 100 g, wheat bread - 15 g, milkPasteurized - 50 g, wheat flour - 3 g, water - 15 g. Steamed patties are placed in a high frying pan, then you have to pour white sauce from milk and flour and bake in the oven.

Cutlet mass from fish. The method of preparation is the same as that of meat. If the fish is large, when preparing it, remove the bones and skin. Recipe Bitches of fish Fish - from 150 to 170 g, wheat bread - 15 g, pasteurized milk - 20 g, butter - 10 g.

Properly organized food is a victory overMany diseases, the daily presence of an excellent mood, vivacity. It is desirable to protect your body from the effects of fried foods, spicy and salty foods. It would be desirable for humanity to become more serious about nutrition, very carefully choose food for the daily diet. From seemed from some habits, contrary to the scientific principles of rational dietary nutrition. If you follow these simple rules, you can live up to 100 years and not know what diseases are.

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