/ How to turn weight loss into pleasure?

How to turn weight loss into pleasure?

We assure you, we will not force ourselves to wait for results for a long time.
So, below are 10 tips for making weight loss fun.

1. Slowly try to eat.
We eat too fast, oddly enough. Signals about saturation from the stomach enter the brain in twenty minutes only after eating, which does not last more than ten minutes. As a result of such haste, it turns out that we eat much more than we need. This is the reason for the obesity of the population in industrial countries. Slow absorption of food allows you to cut 100 extra calories per day, and in some cases much more, this is exactly what is needed for weight loss.

2. eat small dishes from small plates.
A spoon of mashed potatoes on our hugeThe dishes seem so small! And try to put food on a plate that is much smaller and portions will be much less! Our brain this simple trick convinces us that we allegedly ate a full plate and that for us this is quite enough, and we managed to avoid 100 extra calories per day, which has a positive effect on losing weight.

3. eat always at the table.
Excess 100 calories are snacks and chips thatWe have a snack, while we do our own business or we put it on the table. Try only at the table to eat food - it is very disciplined. When you get used, there is only at the table, you will be able to control the reception of your food and there will be an opportunity to restrain the desire to "intercept" something, even when you are absolutely ungainly.
4. from a plate, eat only.
It is necessary to learn how to eat from a plate only. Never bite off, do not take food from the bowls or packages - in this way, how much you eat, you do not notice. Do not rush at all, but spend a few seconds and put food on your plate.

5. Do not place utensils with food on the dining table.
If you do otherwise, then you will definitely want to add supplements. And this moment must necessarily be avoided, as this can lead to disastrous results.

6. Choose expensive desserts and the best.
Learn to savor desserts. It is worth choosing the Sami expensive and the best desserts that you can afford. Thus, you will get more pleasure from the food and eat less, and, correspondingly, lose weight.

7. Eat more often.
Try to eat more often, but less. From the table it is necessary to get up with a feeling of mild hunger. Have yogurt, nuts and other various light snacks.

8. Eat for food.
Eat for food - just like that. Do not talk on the phone, do not read the newspaper, do not watch TV and do not do your own business while eating. Simply eat. Distractions during eating lead to the absorption of food automatically, regardless of whether you are hungry or not.

9. Control the consumption of liquid ("liquid" calories).
Keep in mind, what is the calorie content of drinks thatYou use. Surprisingly, the fact that in order to reduce the consumption of excess calories, which a woman needs primarily for weight loss, it will be enough just to exclude from the diet of alcoholic beverages, juices and carbonated sweet water. Calorie harmful drinks can be replaced with water, hot, tea or ice tea.

10. Control your desires.
If you suddenly wanted to do somethingFood, wait 5 minutes at least. If after that the desire has not disappeared, only then take the saucer and put on it a couple of pieces of the desired product and eat. Hide the packing.
Good luck to you!!!

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