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Diet, its benefits and harm

Of course, if you are overweight, whoIs the cause of poor health, fatigue and other adverse factors, a certain diet can and should be respected. Diet. Its benefits and harms are far from always obvious. First of all, we must clearly understand that diet is a healing process, which should be approached accordingly. A sharp change in diet, unsystematic use of medicines, dietary supplements does not bring benefits, often only causes harm, leads to an exacerbation of chronic diseases, causes irreversible changes in the body.

Very carefully, the choice of diet should include people suffering from food allergies or food intolerance.

Allergic reaction is manifested in violationsIn the immune system. The reaction manifests itself when you use even a small amount of the allergenic product. Often a food allergy accompanies a person all his life. Unlike food allergies, the emergence of food intolerance is associated with any pathology of the digestive system or other body systems. Appears only with a sufficiently large amount of product. Food intolerance often disappears after compliance with a certain diet or elimination (treatment) of its causes.

Food intolerance is often caused by the followingProducts: pork, sausage, beer, canned goods, alcohol, carbonated water, chocolate, tomatoes, strawberries, citrus fruits, sweet dishes, as well as preservatives, food colorings.

With food allergies, the reaction can causeAlmost any product. Most often, allergy attacks are caused by the consumption of milk, eggs, fruits, fish, nuts, carrots, products from wheat, caviar, seafood.

The most active products are protein products: milk, eggs, fish, meat, cereals (wheat, rye, rice), legumes, nuts.

With the undoubted advantage of milk, it is important not to forget,That it is not a drink, but a food product. But for allergy sufferers, dairy products are sometimes the strongest provoking factor, often combined with increased sensitivity to cereal products. Therefore, suffering from pollinosis (sensitivity to the pollen of summer grasses), it is necessary to refrain from the use of fresh milk during the flowering period of these herbs (June, July).

There are many fruit and vegetable diets. But sick pollinosis (sensitivity to the pollen of trees that bloom in April - early June) is necessary during this period to refrain from eating stone fruit (apples, plum pears), nuts, carrots, paprika, celery. Nuts should not be contained in food in any quantities. In addition, do not use at this time cosmetics containing peanut butter.

Eggs should be eaten sparingly. Allergy to eggs can develop into an allergy to poultry meat.

Fish (especially marine), as well as couples,The problems that arise when cooking fish are some of the most common allergens. Tip: fish should be cooked for as long as possible, and do this by removing the lid from the pan, turning on the hood or opening the window.

When consumed in a large number of products,Similar in their qualities (mushrooms, cheese, yeast products, beer, champagne, porridge, pasta, milk, etc.) allergic reaction inevitably appears. Alternate foods, less likely to eat foods that cause anxiety.

It is very important to determine which productCauses allergies. Here you will be assisted by an allergist doctor. But in any case, protect yourself. You will benefit from maintaining a "food diary", in which you will need to note allergic reactions. Refrain from eating in restaurants, cafes, eating exotic foods, plenty of spicy, fried, salty foods. Learn on the labels the ingredients of the food.

Consult a doctor about which diet will suit you more, and you will receive undoubted benefits from it.

Those suffering from hypersensitivity to foodProducts often face serious psychological problems. Not knowing the way out, such people begin to limit their diet, which can cause irreparable harm. In such cases, it is important to understand your problem and seek medical attention.

Often suffering from food allergy use antihistamines, long-term use of which ultimately leads to increased allergies and other complications.

Do not self-medicate! Remember, a diet can do harm! Therapeutic fasting and following a diet should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

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