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Herpes at women genital

Herpes in a woman is genital, one ofVarieties of female diseases. Herpes in the genital area or genitalia is a disease caused by herpes bacteria. If such herpes is found in the genital area, it will start to hit them at a very high rate, this occurs in the perineum and in the region of the anal opening. In the most severe cases, herpes is spread to the uterus or appendages.

This virus is common in 90% of the population itOccurs. When infected, the virus enters the nerve nodes that are located near the spinal cord, and remains there for life. Genital herpes is manifested only in some part of the population.

Most often, herpes is transmitted sexually. The virus is transmitted both during normal sexual contact, and during oral and anal. By means of personal hygiene, through a towel or a general washcloth, this type of virus is transmitted extremely rarely. If there are wounds or cracks on the genitals or in the anus, the probability of infection is higher. To avoid infection, condoms should be used, this reduces the likelihood of herpes infection.

People with genital herpes who are prone to various types of risk can get sick:

  • Decreased immunity;

  • Frequent change of sexual partners;

  • Unprotected sex.

The manifestation of herpes in women is as follows:

  • Formed small, filled with a turbid liquidBubbles. They appear both on the surface of the thighs and around the anus. They can appear in the perineum, on the external genitalia. The appearance of blisters is preceded by redness and itching. A week later the vesicles burst. In their place, ulcers appear, which gradually disappear and a couple of weeks later they have no trace;

  • Burning and itching, pain in the area of ​​the blisters;

  • Tingling while urinating;

  • Increased inguinal lymph nodes;

  • Increased body temperature, muscle pain, general malaise.

These signs appear only with the onset of vaginal herpes, which lasts for two weeks.

Diagnosis of vaginal herpes can beOnly a gynecologist. For an accurate diagnosis, several laboratory tests should be performed. The doctor will prescribe a genodiagnosis, determine the presence of DNA in the virus. As an auxiliary method can still take the blood for analysis.

After the statement of the exact diagnosis, it is necessary to be engaged in treatment of a vaginal herpes. If you do not cure herpes until the end, it can suffer a lot of complications:

  • The symptoms will be agonizing for a long time;

  • Retention of urine in the bladder;

  • Infection of the sexual partner;

  • Infection can spread throughout the body;

  • The likelihood of developing cervical cancer.

If a pregnant woman is infected with herpes,This can be passed on to the child. Although the probability is low, but still worth a warning. Most often, the infection of the baby passes during childbirth, when the child leaves the mother's womb in a natural way. Infection of the fetus can bring irreversible consequences. In the form of a violation of the nervous system of the fetus.

Treatment of vaginal herpes in women isUnder the strict supervision of a gynecologist. Treatment does not give 100% cure for this virus, but it helps to quickly eliminate the manifestations of the disease. The main method of treatment is: antiviral chemotherapy. The earlier a virus is detected, the easier it is to defeat it. The maximum efficiency is achieved if the treatment is carried out at the very beginning of the disease.

If the exacerbations are fairly frequent, thenTo spend quite a long treatment for several months. Remember that you can not cure this disease 100%, but you can warn yourself against this disease.

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