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Usefulness of the bath for health

The foam layer is 10 degrees cooler than the lower layers. But the minus of the baths with foam is that they dehydrate it. It is because of this, they are not recommended for women with dry skin type.

How to make a bubble bath? As easy as pie! Type in the bathroom water, temperature of 40-45 degrees and a height of about 10-12 cm. Then pour in there a special foam for baths, shampoo or finely planed soap. Shake hands with water until the bath is filled with foam to the edges. After taking a foamy bath, rinse the body with warm water and rest for about half an hour.

Baths with the addition of essential oils. If you want your skin to become tender,Smooth and silky, then baths with essential oils - this is for you! Depending on what effect you want to achieve, use this or that essential oil. Rosemary oil stabilizes and improves blood circulation; Melissa oil will help reduce nervousness, improve the mood and performance of the digestive system; Chamomile oil will help to overcome a cold. Rose oil has a calming effect; Lavender oil has a healing effect.
If you want to take a bath with essential oils, drip about 5 drops of the right oil into the water at a temperature of 36-37 degrees - this will be quite enough.
Salt baths. Probably, baths with the addition of salt are the most popular of all. And this is not surprising! After all, they regulate the metabolism, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, tone and soothe the nerves.
To achieve the greatest effect, the concentration in the water of the salt should be about 20-30 grams per liter. To do this, dissolve in water about 200 grams of table salt, or even better - marine.

Herbal baths. Herbal baths have an extremely wide rangeactions. In order to cook them, use a variety of herbs, depending on what effect they want to achieve. Taking herbal baths is very pleasant, as they have a special flavor, refresh and soothe. This beneficial effect of herbal baths on the body is due to the fact that the herbs are saturated with a lot of phytoncides, microelements, vitamins and other biologically active substances.
To make a herbal bath, take 250 grams of herbs, which you want, and cook a strong broth from it. Then let it brew and pour into the water.
Here are the most common herbs and products from which herbal baths are prepared:
- Lavender - it helps to eliminate inflammation and helps with overfatigue;
- rose - helps to increase efficiency, is effective in fighting nerve, removes flaking and inflammation of the skin;
- juniper - is an excellent tool for strengthening the nervous system, eliminates apathy, irreplaceable for the prevention of infections;
- Grapefruit - effective in combating obesity, it cleanses lymph and blood well. Normalizes fat metabolism, is an excellent skin bleach;
- Spruce - rejuvenates the skin, relieves stress and fatigue, increases immunity;
- vanilla - facilitates the condition with premenstrual syndrome, helps to fight insomnia, eliminates irritation, increases elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
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