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Changes in the chest during pregnancy

What breast changes in pregnancy should be expected?
- increase and growth, especially in those who had a small chest.
- sensitivity increases;
- darken the nipples and the skin around them, because of the hormone that affects the pigmentation of the skin;
- on the chest blood vessels increase (because of the rush of blood to the mammary gland);
- the appearance of colostrum (thick yellowish discharge from the chest);
- the nipple protrudes and increases;
- Small glands rise on the surface of circles, around the nipples;

How will it adapt to a new breast?
We hope that our simple recommendations will help you to adapt to such changes and make them less unpleasant and painful.

Increase and growth.
Honestly, most women with bigHunting wait for the appearance of such a sign of pregnancy - then they will finally have a very seductive form. However, in women with a large bust this change is less admirable. These women just need to buy an excellent supporting bra. If your breast volume increases by several sizes, then it is possible that you will need to sleep in a sports cotton bra.

Which bra to choose?
- with a frame that is deeply hidden in cups,
- with good support,
- with wide straps,
- with a buckle that is easily adjustable.

Increased breast sensitivity.
To the baby's feeding hormones prepare yourchest. There is a stretching and growth of the milk currents, the breasts are filled with milk from the very beginning of pregnancy. All these phenomena are the cause of exacerbation of breast sensitivity. Believe me, these changes are in the hands of a woman, because because of the increase in sensitivity, your sexual feelings intensify.

Appearance and allocation of colostrum.
Colostrum is the "first milk" forNewborn, which is very indispensable for the development of your child in the early days of life, since this colostrum contributes to the development of immunity in the infant. In the beginning colostrum is thick and yellowish, but as the term of labor approaches, it gradually becomes almost colorless and liquid. Colostrum will be the first meal for a newborn baby, until the full milk is available. Isolation of colostrum is possible at any time, whether you are doing mass, or with sexual stimulation of the breast. Do not worry if you happen too often, or not at all. Women who did not have colostrum during pregnancy still have enough milk to feed the baby.

How can I protect myself from breast cancer?
Regularly recommendedBreast examinations do not stop during pregnancy. Most pregnant women find small seals or clots (knocked out milk ducts) during the examination. These are solid red seals, which react very painfully to the touch. Massage and a warm compress will save you from this misunderstanding and the ducts will be cleared within a few days. If you are concerned about this densification, and you are worried about the nature of the onset, you can safely consult a gynecologist. I assure you, this experience is in vain, since breast cancer in young women under the age of 35 is very rare.

And yet, if you are already over 35, and you want to give birth to a child, you must first go through a mammogram before you conceive a baby.

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