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The main components of the wave gymnastics

The history of the wave gymnastics takesIts origin from ancient times. This method was widely used in the XVIII-XX centuries, when during numerous observations positive effects of vibration on human health were described. At the beginning of the 20th century, wave gymnastics was so popular that it was recognized almost as a panacea for all possible diseases. The main components of wave gymnastics are the vibrational effects on the human body.

However, in the era of scientific and technological progress,The main components of which are considered to be the introduction of the latest scientific developments in everyday life and the use of automated equipment in industry, the views on the influence of vibration effects on human health began to change. The fact is that the appearance of new varieties of industrial equipment led to an increase in the duration of the impact of vibration on the working person. This, in turn, was the main cause of some occupational diseases. As a result, vibration therapy began to reduce the area of ​​its application and even for some period it was almost forgotten.

Modern research has shown that the mainComponent of the positive effect of wave gymnastics is precisely the dosage of the vibration effect. With daily hours of vibration for many hours during the production process, the negative consequences are due to the excessive dose of this exposure. However, under the controllable mode of using wave gymnastics and the proper approach to the performance of its main components (special exercises with a vibrational effect on a person), it is possible to achieve an effective health effect on the body.

To dose the vibrationExercises on wave gymnastics at the present time special vibrotrainers have been developed. The basic principle of the work of these simulators is the passive effect of vibration on the active person, while providing the optimal dosage and full control of this effect on the part of the training person. The independent dosage received by the body during exercise by wave gymnastics is ensured by the fact that a person, when he is told to vibrate, has to constantly strain to continue interacting with a vibration simulator. Since such a stress disturbs a person's comfortable state, the main reason for stopping the exercise in wave gymnastics will be a feeling of fatigue, which is an important component for making a decision to stop the impact of vibration.

The main components of the mechanismImproving effect when practicing wave gymnastics is reflex excitement and muscle contraction, increasing their tone, flushing blood to the skin, activating the metabolism. With a weak vibration, the muscle fiber relaxes. In no case during the practice of wave gymnastics can not tolerate the emergence of painful sensations.

Different types of created vibration simulators are now widely advertised in radio and television programs, print media and on the Internet.

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