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Exercises to strengthen the ligaments of the hands

If the hands are strong, then it is easier for you to carry bags withProducts or clear snow near the house. But the biceps (muscles at the top of the arms), the triceps (the muscles of the back at the top of the arms) and the deltoid muscles (the muscles around the shoulders) have a completely different purpose. They are "supporting" the muscles, because they help to move the back and chest. Therefore, when you perform these exercises, your posture will improve. Doing these exercises 2 times a week, you will give the upper body more tonus. For the warm-up you need 2 dumbbells in weight from 1 to 4 kg.

Hands lifting.
A. Stand up, legs at the width of your hips (if you feel unstable, you can put your feet in a zigzag manner). Take a dumbbell in each hand, turn your hands away from yourself. Bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees.
B. Raise your hands to the ceiling. Hold your hands up for about 2 seconds. The muscles of the press should be strained. Then return your hands to their original position. Repeat the motion.
USE: Toning the biceps, triceps and deltoid muscles. Perform the exercise 3 times for 15-20 rises.

Flying on a chair.
A. Sit on a chair, knees on the width of the hips, feet on the floor. Take a dumbbell in each hand. Lean slightly forward, fold - at the waist angle of 45 degrees. Strain the muscles of the press and transfer weight to the knee area.
B. Look forward, palms swing down and elbows slightly bend. Raise your arms to the sides to shoulder level, fix for 2 seconds, then return to the starting position.
BENEFIT: Toning the anterior and posterior parts of the deltoid muscles and equilibrating the shoulders. Perform the exercise 3 times for 15-20 rises. Do not raise your hands above shoulder level - otherwise you can stretch the shoulder muscles.

A. Sit on the floor, knees slightly bent, feet on the floor on the width of the hips. Place your hands on the floor behind your back. Strain the abdominal muscles.
B. Slowly understand the hips until the torso becomes, parallel to the floor. Fix this position for 5 seconds. Then slowly lower the lower back to its original position.
USE: Strengthening of the hands (also of their lower part). Stretching and strengthening of the shoulder muscles, improving posture. Do the exercise 2 times for 5 lifts.

Strengthening of muscles.

A. Stand up, legs at a distance of two feet from each other, take a dumbbell in each hand. For this exercise, the weight of the dumbbells should not exceed 1.5 kg. Bend your knees and elbows, raise your left hand to the level of the chest, hold the dumbbell vertically, your thumb should be on top. Place your left hand under the chin and imagine that you are protecting the face from the attacker at you.
B. Hold your right hand under your chin and hit the virtual opponent with your left hand, pulling your left hand to the shoulder level. The elbow of the left hand should be slightly bent. During the impact, the hand must be tense. Then, after 15 blows with your left hand, repeat the blows with your right hand. Do this exercise quickly.
USE: Strengthen biceps, triceps and deltoid muscles.

Such exercises will help you strengthen your hands andBiceps. Doing these exercises regularly, you will not need to go to the gym or fitness, because the same exercises can be thought up for yourself and for other parts of the body.

To strengthen the hands, variousFunds: creams, scrubs, milk. Rubbing such funds into the skin, you thereby carry out a massage of the hands, which will significantly improve the condition of the skin of hands and nails in general.
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