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Health: Diseases of the tongue

Black tongue are small outgrowths and hardenings in the tongue (hyperkeratosis of the filiform papillae of the tongue and dark pigmentation). These outgrowths are usually black and resemble small hairs.
Symptoms of inflammation of the tongue are deep cracks and grooves on its surface. Cancer of the tongue is a tumor. Its symptoms are the wetting edges of the wound, a knot or whitish stain on the tongue.

Causes of Diseases of the Language
The "geographic" language is most oftenInborn. Black tongue becomes with the increase of certain sensitive cells of the tongue (filiform papillae of the tongue). Often the reasons for changing the color of the language can not be established. True, sometimes such language becomes due to fungal disease or treatment with antibiotics (so-called thrush). After stopping the use of antibiotics, these changes usually disappear. As a result of iron deficiency anemia, inflammation begins, after which deep grooves in the tongue appear. Cancer of the tongue arises when the cells of the mucous membrane tissue or glands are malignant. It is usually caused by chemical irritants: smoke, alcohol, various inflammations.

Treatment of Diseases of the Language
"Geographical" or black tongue is notIt follows, with deep grooves in the tongue, it is necessary to take tablets containing iron. When a patient's cancer is operated on, that is, they remove a part of the tongue. After the operation, radiotherapy is prescribed.

How to help yourself?
"Geographic" or black language can be cleaned with a toothbrush. If the grooves of the tongue are deep, one hundred outer forks can be improved by eating food, in which there is a lot of iron: meat, spinach, liver.

When should I see a doctor?
If the black color of the tongue does not disappear after a few days, you may have a fungal disease that requires medication.
When there are unusual changes in the language,For example, white dots that do not disappear within three weeks, contact your doctor. It is the doctor who can correctly assess the course of the disease and prescribe a rapid treatment, which in most cases is successful.
Doctor's actions
The doctor will examine the oral cavity of the patient.
Disease flow
"Geographical" or black language noAnxiety usually does not cause. If there is no treatment for cancer of the tongue over time, it becomes more difficult to take food, pain appears. Cancer of the tongue can metastasize into various vital organs of the human body and destroy them. This is very dangerous and can lead to bad consequences.

Are Diseases of the Language Dangerous?
Cancer of the tongue needs to be treated.
How to protect yourself from diseases of the tongue
A diverse diet is needed, in foodBe a lot of iron: so you can avoid the changes caused by anemia. Smoking cessation and moderate consumption of alcohol will reduce the likelihood of cancer of the tongue. Those people who overuse alcohol need to learn to restrain themselves, otherwise it will all lead to a general deterioration of the body.
The tongue usually covers the mucous membrane, which, due to the fact that it contains a lot of elevations (the so-called papillae), it seems like velvet.

1. The growth is black.
2. Red, white spots.
3. Red grooves.
4. Nodes.
5. The Mutating Rank

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