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The Benefits of Motor Activity

From a biological point of view, motorThe activity of the organism is a manifestation of the processes of vital activity, whereby the living organism interacts with the environment. The motor activity of a person is ensured by the contractions of skeletal muscles performed under the strict control of the central nervous system. The benefits of motor activity to maintain human health have been unequivocally proven by representatives of the natural sciences. The intensity of motor activity depends on many factors: the physiological state of the organism, psychological characteristics and socio-economic conditions of a person's life, the specifics of professional activity, the availability of free time, as well as the opportunity and the desire to attend classes in sports sections and fitness clubs.

At various stages of human life, motorActivity brings quite definite benefits. In childhood and adolescence, due to motor activity, normal growth and development of the body is ensured. In the adult state, a certain level of mobility should also be maintained. It has been established that in the practice of various sports, visits to fitness clubs or other types of recreation, where motor activity is provided (for example, hiking, harvesting of mushrooms and berries, fishing, etc.), a number of positive Changes. In particular, there has been an increase in resistance to neuro-psychological overloads, to negative environmental impacts. With motor activity, blood circulation improves, which positively affects the physiological state of various tissues, organs and organ systems. Indisputable benefit is the motor activity in the prevention of various diseases, as it helps to strengthen immunity. With the age of a person, the indicators of the level of physical development decrease, so the level of motor activity also must inevitably be reduced. In the elderly, the planning of physical activity must necessarily be carried out taking into account the opinion of the doctor. However, in no case should we assume that the higher the intensity of motor activity, the more health benefits it will bring.

Scientific and technological progress, of course, broughtMuch benefit to humanity, facilitating the burden of workers in various sectors of the economy. However, the appearance of various technical innovations also led to a significant reduction in the motor activity of a person, an increase in the intensity of the rhythm of life, a deterioration in the ecological conditions of human existence, and increased stress on the nervous system. Preservation of motor activity helps to minimize all these negative impacts of modern civilization. However, to provide the necessary level of motor activity that would benefit health, a person with "sedentary" work is unlikely to be able to without visiting the fitness club and paying due attention to physical training.
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