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Healthy clothes

Since there is very little hair on the skin of a person,It only partially can protect his body from cold or heat. Therefore, she needs to "help" - it is necessary to wear clothes that would not prevent the skin from breathing, but at the same time protect it. In addition, at present, when the pollution of the environment is constantly increasing, clothing should become a kind of filter that protects the human skin from getting poisonous substances that can disrupt the normal functions of the body.

Natural wool is a medicine of nature.
1. Warms and cools.
2. Does not receive electrostatic load.
3. Allows the skin to breathe.
4. Massage the skin, stimulates blood circulation and promotes the release of sweat and slags through the skin.
5. Absorbs about 30% of moisture.
Natural things are better.

This protective function is best performed byClothes, sewn from natural fibers. It is necessary to recognize (with a few exceptions) that it is now difficult to find a substitute for wool or silk. Wool for clothes people use 7 thousand years.

Already the ancient Egyptians warmed themselves by throwingWool felt. At present, clothes made from pure natural wool are the best, however, unfortunately, it is quite expensive. Silk for clothes began to be used only 5 thousand years ago. In ancient China, this was the greatest state secret: for the exportation of silkworms, their testicles or larvae abroad, they were punished with the death penalty. But Roman merchants broke this ban and through Byzantium brought silkworms to Europe. Silk in no way inferior to wool. It has many advantages, however it is more expensive than wool. Cotton began to be used 7 thousand years ago, also a completely natural product, in addition, inexpensive. True, he has some drawbacks, for example, winter clothing made from cotton is not warm.

"Second skin" - the dictates of fashion
Unfortunately, the buyer pays more attention toFashion trends. It is known that the choice of clothes often predetermines both the price and the requirements for caring for it, and whether the clothing is harmful to health is often completely ignored. By the way, clothes depend not only on the appearance of a person, but also on his health and well-being.

Clothes should not restrain movements. Tight clothing not only does not allow the skin to breathe,But also disrupts blood circulation, for example, due to the narrow collar of the shirt, cerebral circulation worsens, the reaction of a person slows down considerably. If you wear particularly tight jeans, you may experience impaired function of the genitals. In addition, when they are worn in the winter, there is no insulating air gap between the skin and the material, and the blood circulation of the skin is disturbed. Underwear is most often made of cotton, but cotton absorbs sweat, under the influence of which it begins to decompose. Therefore, underwear must often be changed and washed at a temperature of not less than 60 "C. Cotton may be spores and mold fungi.

Advantages of cotton:
1. High moisture capacity;
2. The mole does not love him;
3. Resistant to high temperature (cotton can be boiled);
4. Does not irritate the skin, does not receive electrostatic load;
The disadvantages of cotton:
1. Low thermal protection;
2. It is stretched;
3. Not too elastic;
4. Poorly dry.

Silk - the shine of nature
1. Silk is very beautiful shining;
2. Absorbs moisture (up to 30% of the mass of the silk itself), but even then it does not look wet;
3. Does not receive electrostatic load;
4. Durable, almost does not crumple;
5. A beautiful insulator;
6. The mole does not love him.
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