/ Which medicinal plants can be used to reduce weight.

Which medicinal plants can be used to reduce weight.

If you are going to prepare medicinalMeans for weight loss yourself, collect them in the area where you live. Specialists of traditional medicine believe that so the herbs will bring more benefits.

What herbs can I use to lose weight?

Since useful medicinal plantsThere are a great many, and many of them can be useful in order to remove excess fat, it is worth to divide the different collections of herbs into groups. Each of them acts on the body in its own way:

  • Calling false saturation. This includes seeds of flax, medicinal angelica and spirulina. They cover the walls of the stomach with a thin film, you want to eat less, and accordingly, excess fat is burned.
  • Removal of fluid from fat cells. Most often they are consumed in the form of a powder that swells in the stomach and absorbs moisture, reducing cells. Such an action can have: burdock, field horsetail and cranberry leaves.
  • To accelerate digestion, take decoctions based on corn stigmas and dried duckweed. However, they can not be used by people with serious kidney disease.
  • Stimulation of excretion of bile too can lead toLosing weight. For this use barberry, dandelion and immortelle. After the course of admission, the gallbladder and liver work are normalized. Accordingly, the food is digested more qualitatively and is not postponed in the form of fat.
  • Laxative effect has, for example,Milk thistle. If you take a course of eating powder from it, all the slag will come out of the body, the intestine will work better, and the fat deposits will not stay inside the body.

The Benefits of Herbs for Weight Loss

Indeed, why take just onemeans? After all, you can create a collection on your own that will not only lead to losing weight, but also positively affect the body. If your knowledge is not too deep, just buy a ready collection in the pharmacy, pour it with boiling water, let stand forty minutes and drink warmly ten minutes before eating.

What kind of grass to choose?

We will tell a little more about some herbs that are especially active in promoting weight loss.

  • Senna has a laxative effect. But you can not increase the dosage, trying to lose weight faster. Together with the slag from the body come out useful substances and as a result may begin to have problems with the kidneys or intestines. Medicines based on it are not recommended to take longer than seven days.
  • The frostbite not only helps to lose weight, but alsoRemoves salts of heavy metals from the body. And although it also has a laxative effect, it acts much softer. Attention! If you started taking a hellebore, then do it only during the day, then work out with some active physical exercises. So you not only lose weight, but also rejuvenate the body.
  • Bardakosh effectively removes toxins and slags. In addition, its ability is such that, with regular use, more gastric juice is released, so the food is digested faster.

As practice shows, the most effectiveAre considered laxatives and diuretics folk remedies. In addition to the fact that they exclude all the excess from the body, they also have a beneficial effect on the work of organs and systems. But without the dosage developed by a doctor, starting a weight loss course is not recommended.

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