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Coffee and tea: benefit or harm

How does coffee and tea work??

Ground coffee and tea leaves are pouredBoiling water, in which, apart from other constituents, alkaloids, nitrogen-containing organic compounds, are also dissolved, large doses of which can be toxic. Alkaloids act on the brain and spinal cord. Coffee and tea contain caffeine alkaloid. Previously it was assumed that tea contains a specific alkaloid of theine, but scientists in recent years have determined that this is not so. Coffee contains 1.2-1.4% caffeine, while decaffeinated coffee is at most 0.1%. In tea, much more caffeine (up to about 5%). However, the tea caffeine is bound to tannin, so the tea caffeine from the digestive tract is resorbed much more slowly. Hence, stimulating and tonic tea begins to act after coffee, but its effect is more positive. Caffeine coffee usually has a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system, and tea caffeine - on the brain and the central nervous system of a woman.

Is coffee and tea harmful?

A large amount of caffeine is toxic, andThe lethal dose is ten grams (which corresponds to one hundred cups of coffee drunk one by one). In the body of a woman, caffeine does not accumulate, half of the digested amount of caffeine is split in 3-5 hours, and after 24 hours only a small amount remains in the body. According to the latest research data, caffeine does not contribute to the development of coronary heart disease (six cups of coffee a day) or other health problems, such as diabetes, cirrhosis, stroke and cancer. Gout or gastric ulcer is also not a result of the abuse of coffee or tea, but is the result of malnutrition, smoking, and alcohol abuse.

Sometimes the stomach gets angry

Caffeine and tannins of coffee and teaStimulate the secretion of the gastric mucosa. Therefore, in sensitive people after coffee sometimes starts to hurt stomach. If you do not want to give up a cup of morning coffee, then drink it without caffeine. It has a softer effect on the stomach.

Better short brewing

Coffee express for the stomach is much more usefulNormal, since coffee is passed through the filter. When preparing a coffee-express in a special machine through ground coffee for a few seconds under pressure are water vapor, and tannins and bitterness just do not have time to dissolve. By this principle, tea is spiked and sparing the stomach. Tea brewing is insisted no more than three minutes, because during this time caffeine dissolves, but not tannins. And if tea does not seem too strong, then it is necessary to take a large amount of tea leaves and pour boiling water for a short time.

Coffee and tea during pregnancy

The liver of the fetus cleaves the caffeine (fromBlood of the mother) is much slower than the liver of an adult. At the present time it is not yet clear whether this harms the future child. However, it is proved, if the future mother abuses coffee or tea (drinks more than eight cups a day), then the probability of congenital anomalies of the child significantly increases.

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