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Childbirth with her husband

To begin with, of course, you need to obtain consentMen to his presence during childbirth. I note at once, there are very few men who are eager to attend childbirth and happily report this to their spouse. Basically, they become covered with a cold sweat, turn pale before their eyes, swallow saliva and are prepared, as if for execution. And it's not because they do not like you or do not want to help you, but simply because they are afraid. Yes, yes, such strong and confident men are very afraid of losing consciousness, panicking, doing something wrong. In this case, you do not need to put pressure on him morally and put ultimatums, because we are women to act gently and wisely.

That the man is morally prepared for jointChildbirth, from the very beginning of pregnancy, begin to introduce the future daddy to the birth of a baby. That's where the courses of future mothers and fathers can very much help, a couple of them gradually with each occupation prepare for joint births, and it will be quite natural for a man to give birth together with you. Tell us about how the crumb changes with each week, how you like it when he irones your tummy, how important it is for you to be there at that moment. Explain that you are afraid of everything, and with such a strong man, you will not be afraid that he will be able to control the actions of doctors. I think that at some stage your husband will penetrate and give his approval.

After this it is necessary to begin the process of preparationTo joint childbirth. First, tell your doctor and indicate this in the exchange card. At the moment, no doctor will surprise your desire to give birth together, moreover, many doctors even very much welcome the presence of a man at birth, because in this case, the lion's share of the work is done by him. After all, it is your husband who will help you in the bouts, call the doctor, if necessary, to monitor your overall condition. The team of obstetricians, with a safe flow of blood, comes only for examinations and already directly to receive the child.

After all the official eventsConducted, you need to enroll in training courses for joint childbirth and try to regularly visit them. This is necessary so that your husband can provide you with not only psychological, but also physical help. Although, I say from my experience and experience of friends, basically, in the process of delivery a man is lost, no matter how prepared for them. But he can still help: make a massage, water with water, hold a shower, help go to the armchair for childbirth, etc. And emotional support of the husband during fights and at all is invaluable. The doctor and midwives will approach you only as needed, and the rest of the time will be your favorite, and believe me, his words of support will be for you the most important and most important. After all, even the best in the world of personnel will not give that warmth and the love that your loved one will envelop you.

Particularly important is the presence of a man, when a womanDo cesarean section, because in this case, the first contact of skin to skin occurs not in the mother with the baby, but in the pope. It is he who will be put on the chest baby, so that he warmed him with his warmth and talked to him in a voice that was already familiar to him. This contact is priceless for the pope and the baby ... and of course for the young mother who will open her eyes and immediately see the two closest and most loved people.

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