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Births naturally after surgery during pregnancy

The seam on the uterus - the result of the surgery - sometimes gives complications during pregnancy:
- placenta previa (location of the placenta in the lower parts of the uterus, which often leads to bleeding);
- ingrown placenta in the body of the uterus in the region of the scar;
- spontaneous termination of pregnancy.
Therefore, we must take special careTo his health, to listen to himself and at the slightest suspicious signs to consult a doctor. Remember that the guarantee of successful pregnancy and safe delivery is a trusting relationship with your obstetrician-gynecologist. It is worthwhile to look for an experienced doctor who approves of natural childbirth and will support you in your desire to give birth to a baby yourself. By the way, such doctors are becoming more and more. If 20 years ago among the gynecologists the postulate was widespread: "Once a cesarean section is always a cesarean section," now many doctors do not consider a scar on the uterus a contraindication to natural childbirth.
The natural delivery after surgery is deliveryIncreased risk. The danger lies in the possibility of divergence of the suture on the uterus, which in the case of failure to provide timely qualified assistance can lead to very disastrous results. For this reason, in obstetric practice, women with scar on the uterus for a long time doctors were not allowed to give birth alone. Now in some maternity hospitals natural birth is successfully conducted. Modern equipment and methods of diagnosis allow you to count on a favorable outcome, giving the mother the opportunity to feel the joy of the child's birth by the natural way inherent in nature itself. At the same time, today some doctors consider natural birth after cesarean even safer than a second operation. After the operation, the internal flora of the body is disrupted.
At a caesarean section the transverse(Horizontal) incision of the uterus. In this case, the scar is less often torn than in the case of a corporal (vertical) incision. For complete healing of the suture on the uterus, restoration of its reproductive function and the possibility of natural childbirth is required at least two years after the operation. However, a repeat pregnancy is not worth it, and it will be postponed for a long time: in five to six years after the cesarean section, the scar becomes "stiffened" and will lose its elasticity.The condition of the suture on the uterus depends on the type of tissue from which it consists:
Elastic muscle tissue withstands largeLoad, and connective tissue in the scar area does not have the ability to stretch, it can simply burst - in late pregnancy, in bouts or labor in labor. The term "partial seam divergence" refers to a condition in which part of the seam begins to creep in. In such a case, the continuation of natural delivery is not possible, emergency delivery is necessary by repeated surgery. If the seam divergence does occur, the skilled doctor urgently performs an operative labor, helping to bring out the baby And not depriving the woman of the opportunity to become pregnant again in the future.
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