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Correction of a build by means of physical training

First of all, the correction of physique meansPhysical culture implies the regulation of body weight. In physical education, surplus fat tissue is used to generate the necessary amount of energy to perform exercises. As a result, a decrease in excess weight is observed. It goes without saying that our physique necessarily changes in the direction of a slim figure. An increase in body weight can also lead to an improvement in body type, but only if this is due to the growth of muscle tissue. To achieve a significant increase in muscle tissue can be such means of physical training as weightlifting and bodybuilding. However, for the vast majority of women, this is probably not the most suitable option, since in this case, the physique of the fair sex will acquire the masculine features. A much more successful option for correcting the physique by means of physical training is to engage in various types of athletics. Each sport of this category forms certain features of the figure, which, quite possibly, will be the desired results of correction of the physique. How do different kinds of light gymnastics affect the anthropometric characteristics?

When jogging, women form the rightPosture and symmetrically developed body. Correction of a constitution by means of employment by jumps can lower weight of a body, lead to strong development of a thorax and to increase the relation of length of legs or foots to a trunk. When correcting the physique with the help of such a means of physical training as a gymnastics, a small body weight, long thin legs, a narrowed pelvis are achieved, which in the aggregate gives a slender sports figure. Synchronous swimming or figure skating will allow you to correct the physique by forming a strictly symmetrical body, correct beautiful posture, slender legs, development of the thorax.

It should also be taken into account that the best resultsWith the correction of physique by means of physical training can be achieved in childhood and adolescence. During this period, the body is still developing, so the undesirable features of the constitution are quite easily amenable to correction. In adulthood, the correction of the physique is much more difficult, since the body is already formed, growth has stopped, the growth zones of the bones are already "closed" for exposure by means of physical culture. However, correction of the build-up due to the reduction in excess body weight (ie, reduction of excess fatty deposits) during physical training can be carried out at any age (of course, in the absence of contraindications to physical exertion). In addition, some weaknesses in the physique can be completely concealed by working off plastic and beautiful movements. This is again achieved by means of physical education.

Do not correct the physiqueOnly in fitness clubs, but also independently (evening and morning jogging in stadiums or parks, jumping rope, performing general physical exercises at home).
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