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Proper nutrition with peptic ulcer

1) eat everything in a garbled form, the food should not be an irritant to the mucous membrane of the stomach;

2) eat in small portions after 3-4 hours;

3) exclude very hot and cold food, let the food be at room temperature;

4) do not eat foods that stimulate the production of gastric juice;

5) make dinner tight;

6) reduce the intake of table salt to 8-10 g per day;

Nutrition of the daily diet should be at the level of 3000-3200 kcal. This includes 100g of fats, 100g of proteins and 450g of carbohydrates.

With increased acidity, the use of dairy, fermented milk products, white bread, meat - beef and chicken in cooked form and steamed soups will be correct.

Should be excluded from food:

- coarse food, including coarse vegetative fiber (dates, cabbage, gooseberries, cucumbers);

- fried food;

- fruits and vegetables;

- products containing connective tissues (skin of fish and birds, fat, wiry meat, smoked meat);

- condiments;

- fatty grades of meat and fish;
- mushroom soup;
- salty, spicy dishes;
- sausages;
- canned food;
- buns, pies, rye bread;
- alcoholic beverages, coffee, cocoa, all fizzy drinks;
- Ice cream.

In the period of exacerbations, the diet should be strict andSparing for the stomach. Within 10-15 days the basis of nourishment of the stomach must be liquid food. By the end of the second week, you can add semi-liquid purees, and only then grated foods. Gradually, you can enter into the diet butter, soft-boiled eggs, cream. Beef and vegetables in the form of puree, wiped fish and manna and rice porridge can be introduced last. Drink acceptable teas and kissels.

Diets with gastric ulcerAdhere to 6 months. After 2-4 months of such nutrition, with good health, you can introduce raw vegetables and fruits in a grubby form. Food should still be moderate in temperature. Avoid seasonings and rough food, as they can cause irritation of the gastric mucosa. When eating, chew on it well.

With the improvement, introduce into the diet cooked, but not wiped products. Number of meals per day - 5-6.

With peptic ulcer, proper nutrition is based on the following products:

- boiled vegetables in the form of puree or steam puddings

- mashed vegetable (excluding cabbage), dairy and cereal mucous soups (except meat and fish)

- mashed porridge with milk, butter

- boiled lean meat and fish (cod, pike, perch)

- fish, meat steamed burgers

- Boiled chicken without skin

- sunflower, olive, butter (they contribute to the healing of ulcers)

- milk

- non-acidic curdled milk, cream

- fresh is better than pureed low-fat cottage cheese

- sour cream non-acidic

- buckwheat, oats, semolina, rice, pearl barley, boiled pasta

- Soft-boiled eggs or in the form of a scrambled eggs

- white dried bread and a sponge cake, unpleasant white breadcrumbs and uneaten cookies

- sweet varieties of fruits and berries

- vegetable, berry, fruit juices

- broth of dogrose, wheat bran, compotes, jelly, jelly from sweet berries, fruits

- jam, sugar

- weak tea, cocoa with milk.

With such a disease is extremely usefulmilk. It restores the work of all important processes in the body, weakened by peptic ulcer. If the body is difficult to absorb milk, use it in warm form in small portions.

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