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How is medical abortion taking place?

Operational abortion can lead to differentComplications: early (occur immediately during surgery), delayed (in a month) and distant. Immediate complications occur in the form of perforation of the uterus, bleeding; Operational abortion can lead to such delayed complications: endometritis, ovarian inflammation, menstrual irregularity. Also abortion is fraught with distant, more serious complications leading to infertility, ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

A woman today instead of a regular abortion canChoose an alternative therapeutic option - medical abortion (abortion with pills), which is done at an early pregnancy (up to 6-7 weeks).

Many people are interested in how medical abortion is taking place.

This abortion is carried out with the help of"Antihormone" - mifepristone, which blocks the "pregnancy hormone" progesterone. Under the action of such a tablet exfoliates the fetal egg, and the fetus is spontaneously expelled from the uterus. For better emptying of the uterus, preparations are prescribed - prostaglandins, due to the complex use of such drugs, medical abortion is effective at 98%.

Advantages of medical abortion.

It is worth noting that psychologicallyThe medical form of abortion is easier to tolerate. Many patients prefer this type of abortion because of painlessness, the exclusion of anesthesia, its sparing character, the ability to realize what is happening and to control its condition. After it there are no such complications, as after usual.

An important point is the conditions for the therapeutic abortion, the confidentiality of the procedure and the loyalty of the medical staff to the patient.

Approximately 95% of women who have undergone medical abortion, if they had to have an abortion again, would use this method.

A woman in the presence of a doctor takes the drug in a clinic that has a license for this.

The procedure of medical abortion.

Medical abortion proceeds as follows.

On the first day, when a woman informs the doctor aboutHer decision to have an abortion, she undergoes diagnostic tests to make sure that there are no contraindications. Then the patient receives detailed explanations about the therapeutic procedure of abortion and confirms her desire for medical abortion. Next, in the presence of a gynecologist, the woman takes the drug and returns home. After taking mifepristone, a woman may have spotting. After 36-48 hours, you need to visit the clinic again.

On the third day after taking the drug, the patientTakes prostaglandin and 2-4 hours it is observed by a doctor. At this time, bloody discharge increases, as in menstruation. The fetal egg is expelled in the clinic or in the near future. After 8-14 days the doctor again observes the patient, is convinced that the fetal egg has come out completely.

When carrying out tableted abortion, bed rest is not necessary.

Due to medical abortion, temporarilyReceptors of progesterone are blocked, so, there are no negative consequences for the new conception. Therefore, in order not to become pregnant again, a woman should use contraceptives prescribed by a doctor.
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