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Can you have sex during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman constantlyChanging moods, tastes and desires, so if a woman has continued attraction to you, then having sex during pregnancy will go to the future mother and the future child only for the good.

The main reasons that give us reason to believe that sex for pregnant women are useful are:

- when they have sex, then in the body of the futureThe mother produces a special hormone - endorphin, which is also called the hormone of happiness, which very favorably affects the health of the future mother and child;

- During sex, a pregnant woman conducts muscle gymnastics, which in the future will help with the birth of a child;

- in the last month of pregnancy, when a womanIs already preparing for childbirth, sex is a means that can trigger the onset of pregnancy and therefore it is not without reason that in some cases doctors prescribe sex to future mothers in order to begin childbirth. With this tool there are a number of contraindications.

Male and female sexuality is very strongDiffer from each other. In a woman, she depends on the psychological relationship between a man and a woman. A woman in the development of sexuality there are times when there is a so-called "stuck" in the erotic level, playing a very important role in their lives. The bulk of erogenous zones in a woman is outside the genital area, which is also significantly different from the male. Hence we can conclude that the sexuality of women is based on love, mutual trust, understanding and tenderness.

During pregnancy, the sexuality of the futureThe mother can constantly change. At 12-14 weeks due to the development of toxicosis and adaptation to new conditions, female sexuality may decrease. But it happens the other way around.

Starting from the 14th and to the 28th week, the womanThe process of increasing sexuality and during this period the spouses can actively engage in sex. And starting from the 28th week, the sexuality of the future mother goes to a decline, because during this period a woman begins to grow a stomach and there are various ailments caused by fear of childbirth.

Prior to 39 weeks, sex for pregnant women is safe, and a later occupation can lead to the onset of labor.

Doctors can also prohibit having sex ifWomen have various problems with the development of pregnancy. Such problems can be the started bleeding and various blood discharge. Sex is also contraindicated during pregnancy, those women who already had a miscarriage. There are cases when a gynecologist examines a low placement of the placenta, which is also a reason to refrain from sex during pregnancy.

Change of sexual partner during pregnancyIs contraindicated, since each partner has a set of microorganisms in the genital tract. These microorganisms can cause diseases in the future mother that will affect the baby.

Technology for sex should be changed inDepending on the period of pregnancy. In the first weeks, a woman can practice in her habitual posture, and after the abdomen starts to grow, the woman should use a pose "from above" or a pose "on the knees".

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