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Diet for breast growth

Everything should be perfect on the stage. When selecting dancers, there is a formula for determining the standard of elasticity of the breast - "the nipple should be at the zenith, the distance of the upper chest to the nipple should not be more than 1/3 of the total breast size.

On what only women do not go, to satisfyThe need for such a fleeting canon of fashion. This plastic surgery, massage and special biological supplements, and all kinds of diets for breast growth - in fact, there are a lot of ways, the main thing is a reasonable and systematic approach.

To form a beautiful breasts for girls inAncient Russia, since 10 years, soared 2 times a week in a Russian bath with oak brooms, then poured cold water. The diet of young girls included a large number of cabbage, in different versions. Such a diet for breast growth has reached to our days.

From a medical point of view - white cabbageContains a large percentage of folic acid (group B vitamins), and folic acid in turn is necessary to create and support new cells, especially during the period of rapid human development - during pregnancy, puberty and breast growth.

There are several reasons why the breast loses its elasticity and attractiveness:
- Not the size of a bra is chosen. If a smaller size - makes blood circulation difficult, if a larger bra - can lead to a sagging chest;
- stoop, which leads to poor posture, resulting in the chest sagging, and hunched back does not adorn women and girls;
- large weight drops, for the chest is bad as a strong reduction in weight, and a significant increase in weight. Breast can become flabby and a greater likelihood of the appearance of stretch marks;
- direct sunlight - ultraviolet has a detrimental effect on the tender skin of the breast, promotes aging and causes breast cancer, so before sunbathing topless, think ...
- it is not advisable to take long hot baths, the maximum is recommended for 10-15 minutes;
- Once a week it is recommended to applySkin of the breast fatty oil masks, which promote a more active metabolism. For example, you can mix one banana, 100 grams of fatty cream - apply on the skin of the breast and décolletage area with a thick layer for 20 minutes, and then wash. You can mix cottage cheese with olive or vegetable oil, one yolk and a tablespoon of honey - also apply a thick layer for 20 minutes. At the same time, it is not necessary to feed the illusion that by means of care it is possible to increase or change the shape of the breast - you will simply make it well-groomed. And grooming is always considered to be stronger than beauty.

There are a huge number of recipes,Exercises and diets to maintain the attractiveness, elasticity and growth of the breast. But the most important recipe is to love and be loved. You need to learn how to love your body, love each of its cells and then the body will thank you with its beauty. Want to have a beautiful breasts - learn how to love and donate this love.

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