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Feeding for a nursing mother

- in the daily nutrition of the nursing mother, there must necessarily be vegetables and fruits;

- It is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol, medicines and tobacco products while breastfeeding;

- you need to limit your diet of spicy and spicy foods.

The food basket of the nursing mother:

To ensure full growth and developmentA child who is breast-feeding a mother needs 200 grams of fish or meat a day, and it is desirable to alternate between them. Important elements in the diet of the nursing mother are dairy products, which are very important for the development of bones. Not everyone likes to drink milk, so in this case you can use sour-milk products, cheeses, cottage cheese, etc. The egg should also be present in the daily diet of the nursing mother.

It is impossible to completely refuse fats, becauseThey are necessary for the functioning of the liver, the burning of excess fats and the absorption of various vitamins. For a nursing mother, it is important to remember that in fried foods, fatty meat and butter dough are harmful fats, in vegetable oils and seafood - useful fats. To ensure a normal diet in the mother's diet should be present at least 12 grams of healthy fats per day.

Also you can not give up carbohydrates, becauseIn their absence, the body begins to burn proteins and fats, which, when burned, release harmful substances, which will adversely affect the health of the child. To search for carbohydrates is better in vegetables and fruits. Daily it is necessary for the nursing mother to consume at least 400 grams of vegetables, which can be eaten fresh or cooked. In the diet of a nursing mother, 300 grams of fruit must be present. On the table, the bread should of course be, but only from the flour of coarse grinding. For the period of breastfeeding the child will have to forget about such products as cakes, cakes and other sweets.

Fluids in daily nutrition should not beLess than 2 liters. You can drink tea with milk and without it, freshly squeezed juice and, of course, plain water. From carbonated beverages to a woman breastfeeding will have to give up.

It often happens that during the feeding of a childThe mother decreases the amount of milk. This is mainly due to the stress that arises from sleepless nights. To do this, the nursing mother needs to walk more often outdoors, observe the proper diet.

In order to increase the amount of milk, you can also eat a glass of carrot juice a day or prepare a mixture of low-fat cottage cheese, sour cream and grated beets.

Also mothers need to learn to eatOnly those products that fit the child. For example, if after a mother drinks milk, and a child has a bloating after that, then it is better for the nursing mother to change milk for kefir. If after you have eaten citrus and the baby has a rash, it means that the child is allergic to the product. At this point, the mother needs to correctly identify the product that causes allergies and must remove it from their diet.

Proper nutrition for a nursing mother is a very important element in a child's life, because already during this period the newborn's health is formed, and if the child's health is, then everything will be ...
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