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Pregnant woman driving

But, at the beginning of pregnancy, many women suffertoxicosis. Nausea, dizziness, increased fatigue, syncope - frequent companions of the first trimester. Therefore, especially cautious doctors do not recommend a future mother to ride a car unaccompanied. In any case, now you should listen to yourself very carefully. As soon as you feel unwell, stop immediately and rest. Take a bottle of clean water with you to drink, wash, and a pack of salted crackers or an apple, they will help to cope with faintness and in case of which to replenish forces.
During pregnancy, the organs in the abdomen beginShift to make room for the growing up baby. Increasing every day, the uterus presses hard on the spine. All this often leads to severe back pain. If you have suffered from osteochondrosis before pregnancy, then problems with your back are almost inevitable, especially for those mothers who have to spend more than 3 hours a day driving. Be sure to sign up for the pool - swimming will help relieve tension from tired back muscles. Many young mothers are helped by special massage mats, which are conveniently attached to the driver's seat. If something suddenly went wrong, immediately turn on the "emergency" and stop.
Brake as smoothly as possible, so that the car following you does not accidentally hit you.
In the second trimester, toxicosis usually releasesExpectant mothers, and their well-being is noticeably improving. However, some malaises can persist. Since the child literally eats mother, in a hungry pregnant woman, as in diabetics, blood sugar levels sometimes drop sharply. So take out crackers from the car's interior is not necessary and it's worth adding chocolate to them. Change in blood circulation and weight gain can provoke the development of varicose veins. Therefore, it is harmful to sit in one position for a long time in a position. Standing in a traffic jam, it's better to stick to the right row, so that once in 40-60 minutes you can stop and walk around the car
Restore blood circulation will help a simpleExercise: stand straight and smoothly rise to the toe and fall on the heels, while trying to maintain balance and do not deflect the body either forward or backward. By the way, the car is a great place to listen to music or audiobooks, along with the baby. Do not get carried away by heavy rock, loud sounds can scare a child who already hears what is happening outside. Include classical music or children's songs, it will calm and relax you both.
Despite the growing abdomen and painful chest,In no case should you stop strapping yourself in the car. In the event of an accident, you can hit your belly against the steering wheel or the glove compartment, which is much more dangerous for your baby than if your mother attaches carefully. In addition, for pregnant women special safety belts are sold: they divert the tape below the abdomen, thus protecting the child.
At the latest terms, the stomach can already beSo large that it will become inconvenient to drive. At the same time, there are no restrictions for pregnant women at the wheel, so there are women who sit behind the wheel with fights to go to the hospital. Childbirth usually lasts at least 6 hours, so if the contractions grow slowly, it is possible to reach the hospital, until severe pain begins. However, such an event, of course, is risky, and if possible, it is better to call a taxi or ask for a ride from one of your relatives.

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