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Thrush - woman's disease

Against the background of lower protective functions of the body,Which occur during menstruation, pregnancy, diabetes, when taking antibiotics or hormonal preparations, fungi that used to be saprophytes acquire pathogenic properties. Due to increased adhesiveness, they attach to the surface ball of the epithelium, causing a superficial inflammatory reaction and desquamation of the vaginal cells. Genital candidiasis most often does not cause a profound lesion of the mucosa, but with high pathogenicity the pathogen penetrates into the intra- and subapithelial sites, possibly spreading and in very severe cases - the dissemination of candidiasis.

Diagnosis of candidiasis

Candidiasis vulvovaginitis is characterized bySymptoms like itching and burning, soreness in the vagina, significant cheesy discharge. The mucous membrane of the genitals is hyperemic and swollen, in the folds the accumulation of white raids. Although genital candidiasis and gives the woman a lot of inconvenience, he is not life-threatening.

Treatment of vaginal candidiasis.

Now there are a lot of drugs andWays to treat thrush. Usually for this purpose vaginal suppositories or tablets are used, which are introduced into the vagina and there, under the influence of body temperature, dissolve. Also apply creams and sprays. In severe cases, tablets are used or <a href="/42897-flukonazol-pri-molochnice-instrukciya-po-primeneniyu-protivopokazaniya-otzyvy-vrachey.html" alt="fluconazole for thrush"> flucostat </a>.

If you notice any similarSymptoms, you need to urgently go to the gynecologist, to take tests and make the right diagnosis. Very often the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases can resemble the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis. So, self-medication can lead to aggravation of the disease, and sometimes it can even be dangerous. If you have frequent recurrences of candidiasis, then once you have agreed with a doctor, you can buy your own medicines in the pharmacy yourself, without consulting each time.

Prevention of infection in the future.

- Observe the rules of personal hygiene (if possible, wash after each visit to the toilet, never use someone else's washcloth, do not wipe yourself with another's towel.)

- Do not wear tight and synthetic underwear.

- Do not use deodorants for intimate places, flavored gaskets. These drugs can cause irritation of the genitals and increase the chances of infection with vaginal candidiasis.

- Use a condom (without flavors) to avoid getting a candida infection sexually.

- Do not eat too much sweet.

Treatment of sexual partners.

Very often, candidal infection is transmitted fromOne sexual partner to another. Therefore, when manifesting vaginal candidiasis in one of the partners it is desirable to use a condom before full recovery. If, after all, the infection has occurred, and your partner has symptoms of thrush, then in this case, adequate antifungal therapy is needed.

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